Friday 24 June 2011

Thankful for lovely people

Isn't it funny how some days are destined to be bad days (ie waking up at 8.30am when I have to do the school run at 8.30am and then forget packed lunches and miss the train that I needed, it's pouring with rain when I didn't remember the raincoats etc etc.)

But then in return, some days are destined to be good days and I think today is the day of fine things!

Firstly, the postman brought me great joy, even if he is not so full of joy himself. A beautifully wrapped package from Pink Milk, which was the prize giveaway I won this week.

I am a person who is naturally easily pleased at the smallest things, so imagine my excitement when I opened this little beauty. I nearly spontaneously combusted.

I love the gorgeous packaging

Getting tres excited

Never has there been a truer phrase

I have always been mad for the colour pink. Always!


The nicest thing to have arrived in the post for ages!

The piece de resistence

Utterly stunning (note to self: use handcream more often)

Heather added a couple of extras including this gorgeous ring
So that was a beautiful start to today. I then opened a letter containing a cheque for some freelance work I wrote in April and hadn't been paid for.  It finally arrived after weeks of chasing.

And THEN my sister called to tell me that we are hitting a spa together on Tuesday as a little treat! I have Tuesday to myself all day after the Bon Jovi gig the night before. The husband has the kids and I have time, I love the sound of that word, to myself. We are then going shopping and then having dinner at our parents' house and my lush Dad then said he would drive me all the way home. He is brilliant, always willing to go the extra mile (literally this time!).

I am feeling a little jaded today though. My beautiful friend Missy came to stay last night from Somerset with her little boy. Our children were born on the same day and although she was in the year above me at school, we only met properly through our children.

We get on very well and don't stop laughing from start to finish. The children all stayed up until 9pm and then Missy and I drank a leedle bit too much wine, scoffed waaaay too much bad stuff and had a generally silly time.

The Princess and her birthday twin

On a school night too, tut tut. (Her son has inset day today though)

Very sober. Very very sober.

Getting our second wind

Missy: "Let's smile nicely for the camera, Gem"

Very silly. It looked so much funnier last night...

My dear girl

Still quite sober, I am a terrible lightweight.

A rather messy end for somebody. Who drank far more than me!
And finally, onto my favourite topic. Cherry tree shops. I have picked up this Laura Ashley cardie for the Princess. £3 from Helen & Douglas House Hospice. It is so cosy and she loves it.

This weekend I shall mainly be watching Glastonbury on TV, although secretly part of me is wishing I still lived so close to the festival site that we all got cheap tickets. The weather is going to be scorching, mind you I don't fancy all that mud.

The reason Missy came to stay last night is because her son's school has an inset day today due to the festival. So many are going, it's not worth opening the school apparently!!! How hippy is that?!

I've just heard it's over knee deep in parts. Yuk. Been there, done that, think the comfort of my sofa is more preferable this year!


fee @ chipper nelly said...

hey - and lovely to see you over at mine!
I (literally, outloud) ooohed and aaaahhhhed at that package and its contents - the giveaway of dreams!
Fab pictures of you and your pal - the one through the glass looks like squidward (hope you know who I mean/aren't offended!!)
Have a fab weekend - and it's going to get sunny and hot - HOO flamin'RAY!
fee x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous parcel Gem,Lucky you!,isnt the bracelet gorgeous?It looks really lovely on.The other pressies were lovely too.Looks like you had a great night,how nice of your friend to stay over.Cherry tree goodies are lovely ,I bet your daughter loved the cardigan.
Hope you have a great weekend & Bon Jovi & the spa,etc ,you lucky thing;0xxx

April May said...

yay for lovely fun filled nights with wine and friends, and I too get so excited over the smallest things so I that package would absolutely have made my week - lucky thing you are!

Enjoy Bon Jovi!


Shsjndkdns said...

Hi Gem,
Such a lovely little parcel you received, very pretty goodies indeed.
Hope you have a lovely weekend

Shsjndkdns said...

Thanks for the comment Gem. I am SURE I became a follower of your blog ages ago, but I seem to be having "follower" problems as all the new blogs I follow dont seem to show up on my dashboard. Will double check that I actually am following now, just to make sure I don't lose your blog!

Anonymous said...

Oooooooh, what fun stuff you got in the package!! I love it all! I'm a sucker for pink, too!
I just found your blog through Cuckoo's. You're funny!