Thursday 23 January 2014

Sweet Child O' Mine

Well Sweet Child (as I shall call her) is a month old!

A month ago, I laboured alone apart from the last half hour when the husband arrived, when I grabbed the gas and air, announced to the midwife that I might possibly need a wee (TMI sorry) and produced my third treasure in just two pushes. Yep it wasn't a wee, it was a baby......

(Oh and let me tell you, after two epidurals and a HIDEOUS previous birth experience, I feel I am allowed to shout it from the roof tops that this birth rocked. It blinking hurt, but it was also incredible).

Sweet Child is settling in well and I can't hold on to the days - they are zooming by. She weighed 6lb 9oz at birth and weighed in at 8lb 2oz this afternoon.  Isn't it amusing how some adults go to get weighed and everyone applauds them when they have shed some pounds, but you are only congratulated as a mother when your precious little one is swiftly becoming a chubster. Otherwise you get a withered look apparently from the health visitor.

Anyway, I am still on cloud nine. My beautiful voluptuous bump has turned into a heap of saggy excess "matter" and you can probably see my boobs from the moon, but my gosh, I wouldn't swap it for all the choc in Thorntons.

It's fair to say I am besotted so if you hate all things baby, look away now. This ain't no cherry tree bargain blog post. This is a post to show why I no longer visit charity shops (for the time being!) read, crochet, have leisurely long baths, blog frequently etc etc. I get nothing done all day. I just indulge in skin-to-skin with the baby and cherish very minute because I will never do this again. Oh no, the husband wants the snip. I wanted to hold a "two brick job" ceremony at Christmas, you know, do the job properly but oddly enough he was rather reluctant...

This teeny tiny little dot has stolen my heart and all the spare time I had up until four weeks ago. I had forgotten how motherhood is such a full-time job in the early days and weeks. The feeding alone is massively time consuming. Some of you may remember I am a breastfeeding peer supporter for new mums and it's my complete passion. It doesn't work for everyone and I do believe the pressure is piled unnecessarily onto new mums to be a success in breastfeeding but you have to work unbelievably hard and constantly to get there sometimes and it isn't always possibly for women.

I found it difficult for the first few days. Especially as Sweet Child sleeps more than my other two did in a whole year and only feeds for five minutes at a time. So I spent hours pumping furiously and eating oats to increase my milk supply. I made savoy cabbages a new fashion accessory and gritted my teeth through the sore nipples. But now I know her, I realise Sweet Child is just a very efficient feeder. This baby girl has only given me one hellish night in the past month. Imagine! I know it won't last so I am making the most of it. She is a very happy and chilled baby. I need one of those this time, believe me I've DONE sleep deprivation and it's not recommended.

Right, want some pics? No? OK, look away now then, quick.....go and make a brew or something.

Minutes old

She lived down my dresses for the first week or two!

Just before being discharged on Christmas Eve

Day old

First walk on beach

The Prince used to wear this

Such a knowing look!


Too cute

Here come the girls

Unsure at bath time

Life down my dressing gown is good apparently

Baby bunting

In the pink (god I love pink!!!)

So that's why I've gone all quiet! Plus I've been bombarded with visitors daily and am trying to get some rest in between.

I will probably hit a few cherry tree shops soon although I've lost my mojo for anything else at the moment. Life with three children is crazy. But wonderful and she slots in perfectly.

The best surprise the Husband could have given me!

Sunday 5 January 2014

Briefly, baby.

I shall blog properly soon but right now, all I can do is type one handed, as my beautiful baby girl snuggles herself against my chest.

Yes, I finally became a mum of three, ten days late on Dec 23rd. It all went wonderfully, although if I am honest, I would never relish going through the labour bit again. It literally felt as if  Britain's Strongest Man had gripped my lady garden between his hands and totally ripped it apart....

But my goodness, I got a perfect peach as a reward at the end. I shall share her with you shortly, as soon as I can prise her off me....and as soon as I can bear to.

But for now, I'm all about the Babymoon. Bear with, normal service will resume soon.