Friday 10 June 2011

Lunch. Twice.

It's a new dawn, it's a new day. The Prince slept through until 6am this morning. Phew, I was in bed by 10.30pm so now feel like a new (ish) woman!

Although he then started demanding things. "Mum!" (he yelled in an abrupt tone). I refused to answer. "MUUUUUUUUUM!".....(this got louder and the husband was in bed as got in from his shift at 2am so I always try to keep things as quiet as I can).

"Yes my boy?" I tried to sound all pleasant but I am sooo not a morning person.

"Choo choo mum. Doot."

This means he wants to go to the train station and get in the lift ("doot" is lift). I told him it was 6am and too early to attempt something so thrilling. He wasn't best pleased. But he eventually settled for a choo choo book instead. Occasionally I would glance at today's papers (hubby brings them all home freshly printed) but the Prince would clock me. "Mum!" (abrupt tone). He was NOT happy that I wasn't as excited about Thomas the Tank Engine as he was. Halcyon days though eh?!

Look what I picked up in the cherry tree shop. One of my followers will LOVE this big stylee as she has a penchant for toadstools! I was thinking of her when I saw it.

It is such a beautiful book. I'd love to lie down in a pink water lily, gently floating. How tranquil.

I'm a silly moo. I've just eaten lunch (baked beans on toast) and then remembered I am going to a friend's house for lunch in an hour. What a fool.

There are going to be five of us in total, we've all been friends for a good few years now, and we each have to take something to eat. One friend has baked cupcakes and I am going a bit 70s with a trifle which is my favourite dessert ever. It has silver balls on and everything. Always reminds me of Abigail's Party, although she didn't actually have any trifle from what I remember.

One friend had a baby 5 weeks ago so we will all be itching to cuddle baby Ruby. And then we will scoff and catch up til the school run! A nice afternoon.

PS Note to KMMMS and Cuckoo regarding their message on my previous "woe is me" post: I have done online supermarket deliveries with Sainsbury's, Tesco and Asda for years in the past.  BUT I am now a bit of a Lidl convert. The fresh fruit and veg is amazingly cheap and just as good and the meat, cheese and wine is great. But this means actually having to go there. BUT it also means a sneak peek in the cherry tree shops!!! I spent £40 more when it was delivered to the front door. But I get what you are saving, time is money.


kmmms said...

No way, I am collecting those Usborne books too! I got the Castles on from our local 2nd hand bookstore the other day for £1.50! That one looks gorgeous, I had some good finds this morning, will blog later.

by the way have been trying to post this message from my mobile all day to no avail, not sure what is up or with what... x

Oh and I hear you about the grocery shopping, but might still be an option for the big heavy stuff so you could pick up the other stuff on an ad hoc basis? Anyway, none of my business, you'd think I worked for Tesco or something! xxx

Anonymous said...

Ooh I LOVE the fairyland book, Its so cute!!!Was it me you were referring to by any chance?
Toadstools Rock!!hope you have a great weekendxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gem,thanks hun for the comment on the brooch,I learned to crochet with youtube ,It took me years to finally learn though!!I found youtube the best as you can keep replaying it.I was reading cuckoo s blog , I havent really read back through her blog before,and came upon your other blog!! What a larf ,lol,it brightened up my friday night:) Is it really written for men,cos I really enjoyed it!hope you have a lush weekend too.xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gem,what a shame,you cant remember the password,I really enjoyed it,I had such a giggle reading it last night,so funny reading about the fire fighter & the nurse!Your a very talented writer.Do you have any other blogs apart from that one and the cherry tree one?I hope you had a great day today,we went tadpoling of all things!! We had loads of frogs/toads come every year,but then we got two naughty ducks and they ate them all :D The tadpoles I mean! It was lovely and sunny here today and we just cooked Jamalaya ,which was lush!! & a nice glass of white wine,felt like we were in spain tonight......

speak soon,juliexxxxx