Saturday 11 June 2011

Peace at last

I popped out to the cherry tree shops this morning and when I got home, I discovered a totally empty, peaceful house. It was weird. It is NEVER like this. I don't think I like it.

The husband decided to nip into town to buy new shoes for the Prince while I was out, so I am now blogging and then finishing off some writing and proof-reading for a client. I've opened the study doors and the breeze is welcoming. It's not a hot day by any means but it is blue sky and sunshine.

Washing is billowing, bees are buzzing and a pigeon is busy nesting on top of our pergola. And looking very proud.

Now, I am thrilled with my cherry tree purchase today.  I bought the below picture from Oxfam for £1.99. It is just gorgeous and I am even more excited because it goes perfectly with the three glass jars which I bought from an antique shop five years ago (they were £1 each). Aren't they made for each other?

I do love the illustrations. Very cheery.

These beauties are one of my favourite purchases
Now onto other things. Had a great lunch with the girls yesterday. Despite it being my second lunch because I'd eaten at home before remembering I was going to a friend's for a huge scoff, I still took it upon myself to eat. A lot.

I took my 70s trifle which they all loved. We ate until we practically popped. It involved fresh homemade pizza, jacket spuds, coleslaw, salad, crisps, a lot of cheese and biscuits, grapes, the trifle, cup cakes...oh dear. And a lot of catching up while the children all played nicely (ie throwing buckets of water at each other in the garden).

Terrific. Calorific.

Layer upon layer of sheer filth

OK, can you tell I am getting a trifle obsessed? (Sorry)
I managed a cuddle with the very gorgeous baby Ruby and the Prince was besotted with her. He would love a baby brother or sister. If only I had the energy/inclination to go through it all again.

Note my cherry tree skirt and necklace, if you will

Here come the girls. We all met at pre-school six years ago.
Two of these mums have four children. Are they mad? 

Then we all headed for the school run, all rolling down the hill with trifle sploshing around in our bellies. I arrived home and looked at the passenger seat. I HAD to share the madness.

 I can confirm there is a red balloon, an empty bag of candy floss, a pair of Converse, a book bag, a pair of old leopard print slippers, a Sponge Bob drinking bottle, a hoodie, a present to post though a friend's letter box, a brochure and a Wagon Wheel wrapper.

Underneath that mess was also a salad bowl, a trifle dish, an apple core, a bottle of Evian, a pair of shoes and a rain mac.

Before kids, that seat would have been empty, apart from a small handbag with the bare minimum in it. I daren't even reveal the contents of my bag these days. You thought the passenger seat was bad...


Unknown said...

Wow! I have started rummaging around in our local cherry tree shops but I am never lucky enough to find things like you do - that picture is gorgeous! (And I like the bottles too, lovely).

Trifle is a work of art and I'm very impressed you came back from your girlie get-together with an empty bowl!

You can totally tell I'm not a mum, my car is spotless inside! It makes me laugh that all my mummy friends always seem to have apple cores in their cars, I think it's the law. CUTE Converse.

Hope you're having a great weekend, funny how we long for peace and quiet then think it's too quiet when we finally get it!

Nicki xx

Tracy Glover said...

I love the pic and the bottles too, they look gorgeous. You find some lovely things.
I know what you mean about the house feeling too empty. It can be weird when you are used to noise!
God, our car is a mess. Have you seen 'About a Boy' when he screws up a bag of crisps then empties it all over the car seat to look like he has a kid? It is so true. So much random stuff you have to take put for them too. x

Grateful4Crochet said...

those bottles are gorgeous!
and yes you took a photo of my car :)

sarah said...

hi, this is my first comment been reading blogs for a while and blog hopping have set up my own now and like you love cherrytree shops and all the fab finds love homebirds blog to and lots more bit of a random comment sorry just taken ages to do xx sarah ps i know cuckoo from along time ago