Friday 11 October 2013

Tit for tat

Oh man, bra companies are going to run out of letters of the alphabet  to accommodate these forever blooming bazookas. I was a B cup on my wedding day 11 years ago. Now I am making Katie Price look flat chested and am heading closer to the Z cup and beyond.

Judging from my current size, I reckon I will have enough milk supplies to feed my entire neighbourhood as well as the baby (who I am calling Brian/Brenda) as my baps are practically taking over my torso.

Basically, my bust is busting out and I think it's safe to say I'm keeping maternity bra firms in business right now. However, I think the bump has slowed down in size. Isn't it funny, two people this week said I look tiny and can't believe I am due in a few weeks.

Yet for months, I have been told I am  massive.

I feel really well. I am embracing this pregnancy and am so excited. I've met some lovely mums to be and planning to meet a whole new group of them tomorrow in my favourite cafe in town.

Talking of meeting people in cafes, I caught up with my bloggy friends this week. We scoffed cake and then a massive plate of scampi and chips. And we shopped. It was lush.

Sadly Ashley couldn't make it, but we have plans to travel to her soon and then go out  again for festive frolics before the baby arrives. Not seen her in so long.

Gotta love Shabby Chic Sarah and Annaboos House Sarah. SUCH a good day!

I also received something that made me squeal this week. Gayna, aka Cuckoo, crocheted me this tea cosy. I've admired hers for so long and she knows I am rubbish with all things crochet so kindly made me one. Such a lovely surprise.

Righto, treasures from the cherry tree. This towel rail which I am giving some Annie Sloan love to. I got it for £4. A bargain.

Look at the glorious weather yesterday (Thurs) when I painted it.

Indian summer...........................

The sky was amazing and I painted contentedly while the children's bedding billowed through the breeze.  Simple pleasures.

Ok no more washing shots. Bit weird.

I also bought these brand new shoes for £3.99 while charity shopping with the two bloggy Sarahs. I heart them.  Shiny and violet coloured and just....well...lush.

Here I am, this morning, before I started painting bits and bobs. Nesting already. Oh dear.

Oh and I am rather addicted to making crocheted boob baby hats. I am perfecting my woolly nipples.......

Bap bonnets

Mammary milinery
 And so I leave you with fond memories of the short but sweet Indian summer while I pootle off to bed. At 11.30pm again. Grrrrrrr. Need sleep but always stuff to do!