Friday 17 June 2011

Return of the Mac

Just back from an indoor picnic in the Princess's classroom. It was meant to be on the field but the weather is horrendous just for a change.

I hate the rain for one good reason. Cagouls. Even the word makes me wince. I had the most unflattering cagoul - or "waterproof jacket" as I prefer to call it but realised last month that I resembled a very large blancmange. To be fair, I'd bought it from the garden centre when heavily pregnant with the Prince but have worn it ever since until recently when I caught sight of myself in the mirror.


Rest assured, I never get wolf whistles from builders when wearing it. Ever.

So a couple of weeks ago I bought a new one from Primark for £6. A total bargain. It's a poor man's Cath Kidston design and it's much better than my fat pink one. But still not terribly flattering. Why can't someone design one with a little tailoring.

It's pretty and I do get compliments. Cagoul compliments. Now there's a first.

Anyway we had a lovely indoor picnic of fresh pineapple, olives, blueberries, muffins, sushi (for me, I am in love with the vegetarian one in Waitrose), jam sandwiches, cheese and rice cakes. Then the Prince and I came home for he could nap while I blog and then we have to go back to school to fetch the Princess in about an hour.

The kids are being very sweet at the moment, I haven't had to raise my voice in a while (shock, horror!) so I shall enjoy it while it lasts.

I found them in bed together one Morning this week. So cute. Both with their cuddly toys, the Princess has Mao (she named him) and the Prince has Noo Noo AKA Mr Snuggles. Both cannot sleep without their comforters.

Fake sleeping from the Princess here. Oscar winning, mind.

I do wish we could bottle them up so they never have to grow old. Would be magical. The Prince is joined to my hip but he is also a complete Daddy's boy. Every morning he yells "Hi Dad" and they have a special bond.

Onto cherry tree shop matters, I was thrilled to pick up the following. They are currently in my kitchen but am thinking of putting them on the wall in the Princess's room.

Then I thought perhaps I could try sewing simple things like this and turn them into day. When I get time. If I get time. Like crochet. Ahem...

They were £1 each from Oxfam.

Have a good weekend one and all. We have two 40th birthday parties to go to tomorrow, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. We are all getting old - I remember when it was all 21st bashes. Yikes.


Sarah said...

Awww, bless 'em - don't they look sweet?

Love the kagoul, I'm too fat to fit in Primark stuff which really annoys me. On second week of Weightwatchers and have managed to gain a pound!! Grrrr.

I remember when I was little we had those kagouls that used to fold away into themselves, and always smelt fusty when you undid them to put them on!!

Love your bargains!! You could easily sew things like that, believe me if I can do it anyone can!!

I'm feeling old today - my first "baby" is 13 today....

S x

Cuckoo said...

Remember my nice mac? And the bunny ears and normal facial expression?

Invest in a barbour, I'm certain you can find one in a cherry tree. I look HOT in mine (cackles histerically!)