Monday 19 May 2014

Sugar and Spice Girls

I have just devoured an entire punnet of frozen grapes, a la Posh Spice, and tried to pretend they were chocolate. All part of trying to end my affair with sugar. Not as in Alan Sugar, obviously...

I am talking sucre. The stuff I must give up so that I no longer still look pregnant. And let's face it, I've been wearing the same three outfits for the past five months. Posh Spice swears by the grape guzzling thing. Yeah they are nice enough but it didn't work though, I am absolutely gagging for a Double Decker now, truth be known.

The clean fresh taste of the grapes was a tad too healthy but I am hanging on in there, I shall not give in to temptation...or a Twix. I need to make an effort to cut down on my cake life. Get some exercise.

Talking of exercise, my darling Sweet Child and I have been taking regular walks to the beach, I shall look back on these days with such fondness:

Sweet Child is modelling her first cherry tree dress. £1 from Scope

She does wear other clothes, I promise!

I spy a dear little soul...
Seats you sir...
Sometimes the husband joins in the fun
Now then, I've got me cherry tree mojo back. Any new followers? "Cherry tree" is what I call charity shops, if you didn't know. I ADORE them, that's the whole point of this blog really.

And I've bought some nice bits recently. 

This vintage bonbon dish was just £3.50:

I shall have to fill it with frozen grapes and not Mini Eggs....gah!
I also squealed with joy when I came across this Joules dress (no, really, the women in the Cats Protection Trust cherry tree shop will vouch for this)  which I bought for £1.50 and it will fit Sweet Child when she is two. Bit premature but it's gorgeous.

Such a cute design

You'd have bought it too, right?!

I also got this for £1 from Link Romania:

Again it will fit Sweet Child when she's two.

I then found this gorgeous Monsoon smock top for £1. Oh the baby looks gorgeous in it, I shall take a pic of her wearing it for my next blog post (aiming to blog more than once a month, but man it's hard finding the time).

Loving the detail on the front
 And finally, this little sugar pink (arghhhhhh sugar!!!!!!) cardigan from Monsoon, which I got for £1 from Scope.

She should fit into it next month!
After a weekend having barbecues with the neighbours, I can't quite believe we're facing a week of heavy showers. That will give me a face like Posh Spice, if not her figure...