Sunday 5 June 2011

My baby is two today!

Finally found time to take a photo of my latest cherry tree purchase, the afore-mentioned green necklace from Oxfam. I love it. And it goes perfectly with my Boden sundress which I bought from Oxfam back in April. Get in!
It is a beautiful smooth stone, like marble, yet light-weight
( a bit like me on the wine)
I haven't bought anything remotely cherry tree all weekend. The reason? My little prince is two today so we've been busy. We had a family party yesterday and the weather was amazing (unlike today). My parents came for the day and my sister and her husband stayed over. We ate. Then played games. Then ate and ate...

Waiting patiently for his party to begin

Becoming slightly impatient

We ALL love Party Rings don't we?!
Glazed and crunchy. Lush!

I don't bake cakes anymore. Not since the last three exploded.
Mr Waitrose kindly did it this year. Look at their cheeks!

Yeah, fill your face kids!

We played the zebra pinata which was left over
from my sister's zebra-themed hen weekend

The Prince with his Uncle, who he is very slighly besotted with...

Waaay too many Party Rings were consumed
 And now I am sitting and pondering where the past two years have gone. My little boy has blossomed into a fine young chap, I am amazed by how smittened I am. I couldn't begin to imagine life with a boy, and yet he is my little shadow and I wouldn't be without him.

Seconds old on June 5th 2009

There is ALWAYS time to apply mascara even shortly after delivering a baby
(the Prince looks like he's on the phone!)

Bonding with his big sister

Four generations. My dear Nanny loved the Prince so much.
He was a day old here.

Absolute bliss. I still remember his sweet milky smell.
In fact he STILL smells like that!
Happy Birthday my dear boy. Please don't change when you become a teenager. Don't grunt at me, make sure you shower daily, don't be mean to girls and please still love me like you do at the moment. That's all I ask.


Cuckoo said...

Noooooo. It was today? Oh crap. I'm a very bad friend. I'm sorry! i thought it was later this month. What a TIT.

Happy Birthday Prince you boob fanatic you!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post,Happy birthday to the prince.I love the baby piccies,Gem your making me broody;O xxxx