Tuesday 21 June 2011

Livin' on a Prayer (that the Prince will stop feeding)

Evening all.

I totally forgot to mention I saw Paul Daniels in the cinema foyer the other day. Wearing white loafers...

"Now that's what I call tragic".

Geddit?! Sorry I couldn't resist.

I really did see him though but  doubt he was about to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid like I was. I snorted and guffawed my way through the film and the Princess and I OD'd on popcorn.

Moving on though and today has been Evil Tuesday of course. It came and went rather pleasantly, although I won't rename it just yet. A customer came in this morning and let me spray her perfume after I'd commented on how nice it was a few weeks back. My colleagues told me I smelt of Old Lady. Bad times.

At lunchtime we all decided to eat badly and phoned up the local chippie to place an order. Then proceeded to enjoy a gargantuan scoffathon in the staff room while drinking Robinson's squash. How utterly decadent. I usually cram a sarnie down my throat while wedged between two filing cabinets.

The husband is out tonight at a Caitlin Rose gig in London. I don't mind. On Monday night I am out at a Bon Jovi gig. I am the winner.  I truly cannot wait. I am going to take an inflatable guitar AND wear a tattoo sleeve, just because I can!!!

What do I like about Bon Jovi? Well, it helps that Jon Bon Jovi is a bit gorge. I've loved him for years and years. An old colleague did the below pic to cheer me up when I was heavily pregnant with the Prince. Raised a few chuckles. The husband just thinks I am sad.

How smug do I look?!

On to cherry tree items, I am loving the below book - £1.99. Who remembers it?! I loved all the books in this series.

Off to a few cherry tree shops tomorrow on my way to breastfeeding class. Yes, I am still trying to wean the Prince off. He is two years and two weeks old for heaven's sake. He doesn't need it. Yet it's like a drug to him and he is truly obsessed. I will do my best to stop in the summer hols when everything else is more relaxed.

Here he is ten weeks old on the Isle of Wight. I'd only just mastered feeding properly a couple of weeks before. If anyone had told me two years on.......yikes! I'd never have believed them.

Smiling? Nah, think I was grimacing.
Sunglasses hide the fact I got two hours sleep at night

And here he is below at just under a year old. Like a flamin' limpet.

Again, utterly shattered! He was still waking every hour or two through the night.

I couldn't possibly post a picture of him now with the old bitty. Too bizarre. I'm worried I will be one of those mums on the documentaries who still breastfeeds their child at 14 years old. Please, no...

He is literally draining me. I am on iron tablets now and sometimes feel like I will feel over with tiredness. I blame the feeding but it could also be due to the fact it is gone 11pm and I am still up blogging!

But look at him below, my little ray of sunshine. He is such a happy little boy. He can now count to ten, with the help of the Princess. Very impressed.

This face cracks me up.

He is worth it all though. Most of the time!


Grateful4Crochet said...

That is the best picture ever of you and Bon Jovi!!! It made me laugh. A lot!
I breastfed my youngest till she was 2 and 2 months. I REALLY did not mean to. Both other kids weaned themselves easily and naturally at 12 months, and I expected her to be the same. But she was just like your Prince- very very determined.
I have to say that weaning her was really difficult- sorry!
What we did was went away for a week, stayed in a really love place by the beach, so at least that really helped that during the day we were in a beautiful place that I loved where I coudl relax, as the nights were really difficult to get through!!
It took a concerted week to get through it, but was worth it in the end, although I really still miss feeding her,sometimes!!!
Good luck with the Prince, i can empathise with how hard it is

Tracy Glover said...

The pic with Jon is hilarious. He loooooves you.
My friend still breastfed her daughter at two years. I think she liked the closeness with her mum. I loved that you saw Paul Daniels. I always feel a bit sorry for him.
Just to answer your comment on my blog, I have been here for two years. My bloke, Roman, is Czech so he has family here and the house we are moving to once belonged to his Granny. I do get homesick sometimes. There are not a lot of people like me here, everyone seems very straight, if you know what I mean. There are no chazzer shops either, which is a killer for me. I used to love my little outings and bargains to them. There are secondhand shops, but nowhere near as cheap.
Luckily, there is some good things, like better summers, nice places etc. Sorry for very long rambling. xxx

Pink Milk said...

Hi Gem. Hilarious picture of you and JBJ - my oldest friend lurves him too. As for Paul Daniels, it's strange but he has always had this strange effect on me, no idea why, but I would find it very hard not to punch him if I ever met him. Bleeeeeurgh!

Anyway, you've won my giveaway! If you let me have your address (pinkmilk@btconnect.com), I'll post you your pretties. Do hope you love them.

Oh, and, as for breastfeeding, I only managed one and two painful months respectively so am in awe of any woman who can cope for longer. :-)


Sarah said...

I think you should congratulate yourself on breastfeeding for so long - what a wonderful start to life you have given your Prince!!

Do the BF class have any tips on late weaning?

I didn't manage it with my boys as they were both ill when they were born and I beat myself up for years about it, it's one of my biggest regrets. You should be very proud of your achievement, because that is what it is.

S x

Bee said...

Oh Gem you so make me chuckle, if 'of course' that was Bon Jon Bon Jon Jovi (that's what I thought he was called when I was a wee lass) what is he doing with his hand, bit of gardening!!! so funny, love love love it.

Breast feeding is amazing, I struggled with my two, so I can't provide any good advice on weaning, talk to your health visitor maybe??

Lotsa love, Bee x x x

Anonymous said...

Your boy is BEAUTIFUL!!! Of course, I am sort of partial to little blondies because I have one myself!