Wednesday 1 June 2011

In honour of my hero

My dearest grandfather, known to us as Bampy, would have reached the grand old age of 90 today. He sadly died of a broken heart last November, after suddenly losing his wife, my beloved Nanny.

Nanny and Bampy meant everything to me. I miss them desperately. We would speak daily on the phone, I'd share many of my thoughts or worries with them and I always dreaded the day we would lose them. I saw them most days while growing up and they both played a hugely important role in my life.

He was a wonderful cook. He iced and marzipaned our Christmas cake every year, I remember baking rock cakes with him all the time and he always cooked the main meal of the day.

He was an absolute legend and I ache at the thought he can't see his great grandchildren any more.

Therefore I would like to dedicate today's blog post to him, in loving memory of one of the greatest men I ever knew.

He was a very handsome, strapping man and people often mistook him for an Italian. My sister, particularly picked up his dark, exotic looks.

Cuddling me, I was just days old

Christmas was his favourite time of time.
He started playing carols in June. I am serious...

Nan and Bamps took me on holiday to Sweden when I was six.
To this day it is one of the most memorable holidays I've ever had.

We stayed in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere surrounded by pine forests.
I remember feeling like Heidi! I'd love to return to Sweden.

Celebrating the Princess's christening

Bamps was so proud of the Prince
 I have another photo which I adore, of Nan and Bamps, with the husband and I on our wedding day but it won't rotate at the mo so I will do it later.

Happy Birthday Bamps.



Anonymous said...

awh lovely post Gem ,I know how you feel I miss my nan and Bampy sooo much and think of them every day. Its a lovely way of remembering them,love all the piccies.precious memories.xxxxjulie

kmmms said...

That is awesome and has made me quite tearful. xx

Cuckoo said...

This had me welling up. Can't say any more than that. xxx

Unknown said...

Aw. You must really miss him, and of course your Nanny.

My granddad died 15 years ago and I still miss him so much. The fairies left sweets and chocolates (from Menzies newsagents) under his car mats for my sis and me, even when I was 17!

Lovely post.

Nicki xx