Saturday 18 June 2011

These are a few of my favourite things...

Well, today there are certainly plenty of raindrops on roses. When is this weather EVER going to improve?

As a result I am not visiting any cherry tree shops today because it was my turn for a lie-in and I had a luxurious stretch at 10.30am and got up to a house as quiet as a church mouse as the husband had taken the children to football (the princess plays in a team).

And we have two parties to go to later. Ooh, get me!

One is a garden party (sheesh, in this rain?!) for my friend's husband's 40th birthday this afternoon and then we are going to one this evening in the village hall as another friend's hubby is 40 and they are having a live band and we ALL have to dress up as 1991 indie kids. Jeans, band t-shirts and Doc Martens.

As the husband is an eternal student, we're both sorted for indie t-shirts and I have my stash of Docs too! Should be fun. My fab friend is babysitting and I am forever grateful.

So today, as the weather is pants, I have decided to list my favourite things in the kitchen to add some cheeriness. This is inspired by a simple yet very pretty cup and saucer set bought from a cherry tree shop a while back.

But I can't take credit for it, Cuckoo ( bought it for me as a housewarming gift and even melted down a candle inside it.

It goes beautifully with my place mats and coasters and I absolutely love it.

This then led to me looking around the kitchen at other cute things I love.  Why? Because the children were quiet (sometimes they actually forget I exist, and were upstairs in their own little Star Wars world) so I had time to mooch while cooking dinner.

Readers of my previous posts will know I am obsessed with Ladybird books, so imagine my excitement when I had this in my stocking on Christmas Day! I often get bored of makeup bags and replace it after a few months, but this is to stay forever.

And yes, I keep my makeup bag in the kitchen.
Why? Because I am weird.

This sign adds a certain bit of sauce to the kitchen.
And we all like a bit of sauce don't we?

This is my favourite teapot. It usually acts as a vase these days though!

There is my favourite jug, my cup and saucer from Cuckoo
 and a cute carafe from my sister.
Then I started clearing things off my noticeboard and saw more of my favourite things which I always keep on there. Just little pieces of happiness.

I took this photo about four years ago when family came round for afternoon tea.
 And one person who regularly came round for afternoon tea was my gorgeous Nanny. After my mum and sister, Nan is my favourite woman in the world. She and I were inseparable from the moment I was born. She died last February, very suddenly, and if I'm honest, I've never got over it. I look at this photo every morning when I get up. Sometimes it makes me smile, sometimes it makes me cry.

A work colleague took this photo. I can almost smell it.

One of my fave websites (and not just because she is a client of mine!)

When there were just three.
These little things are my favourite things in the kitchen. Now I am heading back to that very room to put some slap on. Because I have slept loads, I have the world's BIGGEST puffy eyes. Never had it before, maybe too much sleep IS a bad thing!


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing Gem, your things are lovely.

Your Nan looks like a lovely lady, I had the same relationship with my Granddad (H is named after him) so I know exactly where you are coming from, so ((((hugs)))).

S x

Bee said...

Oh Gem, I love your blog, it puts a big smile on my face and I love all your lovely bits 'n' bobs, the candle in your gorgeous teacup is a fantastic idea, I was given three last Sept as a favour from my cousins wedding, might ask Cuckoo to do the same for me (she's so clever at that sort of thing).

Your nanna looked a beautiful lady and I'm sure she always smiles back at you too, what a lovely photo of you both, wonderful memories, lotsa love Bee x x x x x

Cuckoo said...

Tea pot envy.....

I understand exactly how you feel about your Nanny. Sometimes I feel demented with the grief that my Nanny Dot id gone.


Unknown said...

Ah! Another pretty post to brighten up the day! The teapot/teacup/saucer/placemats are all gorge. It's a lovely photo of you and your Nan, you must miss her a lot. She was very attractive - amazing cheekbones!
Your noticeboard is gorgeous, did you make it using Cuckoo's tutorial? I want to try and make one, but I've got a huge list of wants. I need to retire so that I can stay home and make things all day.
By the way, I like your floral mac on the prev post - it's festival chic, luv.
Nicki xx