Monday 21 April 2014

Eggcellant Easter Shenanigans

Typical conversations in my life go a little like this:

The four-year-old Star Wars mad Prince: "Mum, have you seen my light saber?"

Me: "No I haven't. When did you last see it?"

Prince: "See what?"

Me: "Errr....your light saber."

Prince: "I don't know, I've lost it, you idiot."

And he storms out while I stand looking rather confused.

Then last week the Princess asked me the mother of all questions while we ate together:

Princess: "Mum, what do blind people dream of, if they haven't ever seen anything?"

Me: (ponders for about half an hour): "Ohhhhh, ummmmmm, hmmmmmm....weeeeeell they.....sort know.......they.....ummmmmmm......... Let's call Dad at work and see if he has the answer."

Which of course he didn't.

But I can't stop thinking about it now. How DO blind people dream? If they dream of the sea, how do they know what it looks like? Is it the sea as we know it? Hmmmmm. I really want to know the answer. The Husband didn't know either but we were both pretty impressed with the Princess's question.

I'll leave that one with you.

So moving on, who has had a good Easter? Who literally shovelled their own body weight in chocolate down their gullet? Who had a cream tea, Easter biscuits, Easter eggs AND a gigantic roast dinner with biscuits and cheese? Did anyone actually bother to calorie count? I actually feel like toxins are taking over my body. If I wore a onesie now, I'd look like Matt Lucas when he was George Dawes on Shooting Stars.

Oh but it was good. I saw the inlaws the first half of the week and my parents for the second half. I think the kids were in their element and loved being spoiled by both sets of grandparents.

Here is my mother in law with our youngest:

We went shopping as standard, drank too much coffee and generally vegged out. It was a lovely few days.

Drinking coffee in a cafe with my inlaws by the sea. Bliss.

And here is me, below, with my mum. We went lambing over Easter. It was fab.  I love animals and always wanted to be a vet when I was younger - until I realised I would have to stick my hand up a cow's bottom...never top of my agenda, that.

Mint sauce anyone?!


Tree climbing with my dad in the countryside

Now that Easter is over and the kids go back to school tomorrow (really love my kids but looking forward to a quieter house, it really is nuts sometimes), I really want to do more seaside walks, just me and my girl in her cute pram.

I have some wonderful friends here, but sometimes I  just want to be alone with my baby. Just Sweet Child, me and the sea. Because my time with her is precious. And it's fab to be smiled at while I push her along the promenade.

Now, would you allow me to showcase my gorgeous bundle who is four months old? HOW is she four months already?!?!  She will be weaning in two months. I cannot believe how broody I am. I think if my age allowed it, I would have more*. I am loving life with this beautiful baby in it. She is so much fun already, I can see years of laughter ahead. Three really is the magic number.

*but when there are serious nappy explosions and its EVERYWHERE and the other two kids won't help me by grabbing a nappy bag when my hands are covered in "mustard coloured baby matter", three is definitely enough. Someone out of the three is always ill, someone will always disturb the viewing of a good film and someone is always on the verge of causing serious mischief. When those things happen I want to hide up a tree. But apart from those moments, I often want a tribe of tots!

I shall be back soon with two cherry tree treasures I bought last week. I forgot to take pics of them so will return when I next get a second.

In the meantime, have a think about two things for me.

1. The blind people dreaming thing. I really want answers.

2. Why on earth do boys like light sabers? I really REALLY don't get the whole Star Wars thing...