Monday 6 June 2011


I have a hot head and a sore throat today. I feel rough. I have a work meeting to go to at 1pm  (ie in half an hour) and I am expecting a phone call at any time about a new freelance job. Eek! I can't even think straight.

Therefore I didn't go to any cherry tree shops this morning on route to the messy play I often take the Prince too, as I was too ill to go. Instead, I slept until 10am and the husband was a trooper and did everything for me.

The Prince feasted on strawberries when I finally got out of bed and then scoffed - unbeknown to me at first - ALL the Chocolate Fingers in the fridge whilst I was making a chicken casserole. Then I turned around and he had opened the wine cooler and was walking around with a bottle of Chardonnay! Another Eek! moment.

Talking of Eek! moments, the Prince HATES getting his hands dirty. It traumatises him. So from time to time, I entertain myself by giving him a sticky jam tart. He loves them and always forgets the end result!

Secondhand clothes of course!


Beginning to dawn on him...

I think he deserves the old "Eek" moment, he certainly gives me enough of them! The Princess of course is totally the opposite. She loves mess even more than she loves jam tarts. Here she is, modelling her latest cherry tree top (originally Next, bought in Barnardo's).


kmmms said...

Oh love him! Hope you're feeling better now? Let's speak soon xx

Pink Milk said...

So funny - absolutely love his dear little facial expression!

Do hope you feel better soon - I've had the horrid cacky cold that's been doing the rounds and have only just stopped sounding like Marge from The Simpsons!