Tuesday 25 June 2013


I'm flipping frustrated. I'm ill. Lost my voice, raging sore throat, aching, hacking cough.

Hello antibiotics, and goodbye eating whenever I like...

Who EVER invented antibiotics that you have to take four times a day on an empty stomach? Are they having a laugh? There is a bowl of strawberries and cream in the fridge with my name on and I can't eat them for another hour due to the blasted wretched tablets.

And no voice means no shouting.

And that is WELL irritating when I need to round up the kids. I've had to start doing the two finger whistle which is far from ladylike but the only thing that works.

Anyway, being ill means I've not really seen much to buy in the cherry tree shops, because I've lost my mojo temporarily.

Mind you, I spotted these in the British Heart Foundation window and if they had been in my size, I would have snapped them up. £15.

Irregular Choice in a cherry tree shop? Are you kidding?
In other news the Princess and I have been out to the cinema. We ate too much........

I've been enjoying the beach when the sun does show its face.

We've been to a nice party next door and the Princess wore her favourite dress.

Spot the secondhand bedside table

And I've been having nice days with the Prince, before he starts school. We're continuing to make the most of our time together.

Helping on a preschool trip

His cherry treee jigsaw! 
I have a few trips to the cherry tree shops lined up over the next few weeks so am hoping to have some goodies to show thee.

Right, that's a bit more time killed before I trough the strawberries and cream.

(clock watches a bit longer)

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Baby Cakes

So, I've not been here for a while. Quite a while. Oh, I've been very busy. Changing bedding and doing umpteen washing loads and breaking up the children fighting and trying to stop eating cake and tidying up the garden and killing ants and potting tubs and baking.

Oh indeed there has been plenty of baking.

In fact I have a bun in the oven right now. It's a very special recipe, this one, so it actually won't be ready until just before Christmas.

Over the moon? You bet.

Now we're over the shock anyway...

I shall once again be able to load
 up a pram with cherry tree purchases!