Thursday 29 January 2015

The kids are alright

So Shingles is in da house. 
And like a truly unwelcome Celebrity Big Brother contestant, I want Shingles evicted now please. Enough of your larger than life presence.
Oh and have no sympathy for me please, because while I am fully aware that it affects older people, it's actually the dear sweet Princess who is suffering. She of 11 years and two months of age. We spent most of Saturday morning in A&E and she's now knocking back anti viral tablets like there's no tomorrow. 
What with that and the Prince being investigated in hospital for tummy problemos and the Sweet Child giving me heart tremors every time she runs so fast she almost ricochets off the laminate flooring, it's fair to say I am ageing rapidly.
It's been a month since I last blogged. Totally shocking but time is not my own. It will be one day, but not at the moment.
Apart from two trips with Sweet Child into a cherry tree shop where I firstly picked up a Ladybird book to add to my vast collection.

And secondly, I found a mate for this:


The first is a 50s Babycham glass and the second is a 60s beauty. So pleased and they seem to love one another.

A couple of quid each and now I want a collection of them like my jelly moulds. I am definitely getting old.

Anyway I am thinking about spring and Easter at the moment. I hate this gloomy weather, I want the warm sun on my face and I want Sweet Child to toddle on the sand when it's low tide.

I am loving every second with Sweet Child who is now 13 months. Even when she occasionally starts the day at 4am and I am forced to watch reruns of Jeremy Kyle, if only to remind myself that our life is a very good one.

In other news we celebrated the Husband's birthday with an age appropriate Breaking Bad breakfast:

And...darn it, now I hear a night terror erupting from the Prince.......I shall return in less than a month. Eek, he's really going for it tonight. LOUD. Gah!