Wednesday 22 June 2011

It's raining. Men!

I cannot cope with this weather anymore. Came home this afternoon soaked to the skin. Yuk.

But good things have happened today and I swear it's karma.

I went out shopping with the Prince this morning after the school run, to let the husband sleep off a hangover as he went out in London last night. I came home at lunchtime to find him about to leave the house and walk to the train station to head into work. In the filthiest weather. He doesn't own a raincoat and left his umbrella on the train (again. This is the fourth time). What a silly man.

So I drove him to the station. Where he announced "Oh god, I've left my wallet and phone at home" (sometimes I feel like slapping him, he is soooo forgetful!). So I have given him my bank card and if he loses that I'll punch him.

Then I got home to discover he'd left his packed lunch in the fridge. Despite me leaving a note on his bag to remind him. It really is like having three children sometimes.

ANYWAY, he was totally thrilled when I arrived in the downpour with the car, offering him a lift, and he's just found out we've got great Olympic tickets. Never seen him so excited!

The sole reason I went shopping is because I am seeing Bon Jovi on Monday night (and yes I will be mentioning this every single day) and wanted to buy some tattoo sleeves to look REALLY bad!!!

I'd seen some on Amazon for £4.99 (plus free delivery) but they may not arrive in time and I wanted to go to the shop which I knew sold them. I got the train in, hit the cherry tree shops where I picked up the following Ladybird books for 50p each in the British Heart Foundation.

I then headed to the shop for the tattoo sleeves. The staff were rude, couldn't be bothered to show me where the sleeves were, and then I discovered they were £7.50. For the same pair as the ones I saw on Amazon. Rip Off.

I refused to pay it and walked off disgruntled towards the train station and bumped into a mum from the village, who I only really know to say a quick hello.

She was getting the train home too so we were talking and I told her I was desperate for tattoo sleeves.

She looked at me and said "Oh I've got some you can have. Brand new. My husband was given a load at work."

Just like that! She gave me her address and I picked up the car, dropped off the husband and fetched the tattoo sleeves. Let Us Rock.

I am officially the world's saddest blogging rock chick

Look who loves it more than me (so baggy!)
And if all this wasn't exciting enough, I THEN got a text from Cuckoo to say I'd won Pink Milk's giveaway. I am beyond thrilled. Utterly overjoyed and so I raced home to log on!

I am chuffed to say the least. Thanks Heather, can't wait to see it in the flesh. Wish I could make fab things. I just don't find the time. Between raising children, working and blogging and all the housework, I don't seem to find time.

I barely even sit in the front of the TV anymore. Except for Made in Chelsea, naturally. And Embarrassing Fat Bodies, but not when I am eating sausages.

Just visited my neighbour who has a seven week old yellow Labrador. Very cute. The Princess BEGGED me for one. I have asthma which is triggered by animal fur and so the answer is a definite no.

But she is very cute and furry. And I succombed. Then I got all tight chested and wheezy. I never learn. Ever.

Just adorable. A good day, despite the horrid weather.

Hope it picks up tomorrow, I am meeting a new friend in the morning. Then I have an old friend coming over to stay the night with her son, cannot wait for a catch up. Haven't seen her in ages and ages.


Bee said...

I so love reading your blogs Gem, I sent Darr a text yesterday saying 'if you don't put your bloody dirty clothes in the laundry basket I will deck you' ha ha

I can't upload pics either Gem, glad it's not just me.

x x x

Anonymous said...

OOH what a bargain with the ladybird books,I ve been looking out for the wise robin,for a while ,now....
Enjoy Bon jovi!xxxxx

Cuckoo said...

We collect the garden gang too! Any duplicates I find I'll pass on to you xxx

fee @ chipper nelly said...

I've not been here before (though I've seen you around!) and have found it a good visit!
Tattoo sleeves - never heard of them - but then rock chick I aint! Imagine meeting a kindly lady who happened to have some - what are the chances?
off for a little nosey round your blog
fee x
(pleased to meet you)

Alex said...

Those tattoo sleeves look great! You must have been super chuffed to have found them, especially after the snotty-shop-assistant incident.

Thanks so much for your lovely comment.


Helen said...

Congratulations on your win. I LOVE the tattoo sleeves but suspect that like you my daughter would love them more. Hoping the rain stops for you soon(and us, never done so much puddle walking in my life). Helen

Anonymous said...

Those tattoo sleeves look brilliant on your daughter. ;0)