Thursday 9 June 2011

Time is of the essence

Oh good grief. I went to bed at 11.30pm after catching up with Made In Chelsea (my ultimate guilty pleasure. I didn't watch any of TOWIE and not keen on bothering with Geordie Shores but this show about rich London types is addictive).

Anyway, so I went to bed at 11.30pm. By 12.30am I was back up with the Prince who didn't seem to want to sleep. He was crying. I changed him, gave him a drink and a cuddle and put him back down but he went nuts.

This went on til 3.30am. By 3.40am I was back in bed panicking that in four hours' time I would be back up starting the day. Not a nice feeling.

I did the school run; the Princess, her friend and the Prince in tow. Then the Prince and I went to the graden centre where he played and I sank a cappucino and wrote thank you cards for his birthday gifts.

We have two little girls for tea tonight, we have run out of food, the house is in dire need of a hoover and a scrub and quite frankly I just want to go to bed! I don't have a cleaner (unlike many of my lucky friends who live around here), I don't even have a dishwasher. I also don't do an online supermarket shop. Hmm, this could be why I never get time to do other stuff! This isn't so much as a whinge, more of a "Aah, THAT'S why I go to bed so late, I don't get time to go any earlier!" revelation.

I frantically search cherry tree shops whilst en route elsewhere and I write in my spare time.

This aside, I've just landed myself a fab new freelance writing job which I am excited about. This means I need to work even harder on managing my time. Everything is going to have to be regimented (I don't have any childcare either!) but I love a challenge!

I picked up this gorgeous cherry tree summer dress for the Princess. It's originally from BHS and is so pretty, floral and fresh. She loves it and so she should - it was a bargain £2.99 from Helen & Douglas House Hospice.

Sometimes I wish I was a little girl again, running around in the prettiest dresses. The Princess is a tom boy but she will still wear a pretty dress.

I am now off for a kip to try to regenerate the brain cells that have seemingly diminished.



Sarah said...

Oh dear, sounds like you are a bit frazzled today.

I always go to bed late, am often still awake at 1.30am and am very much a night owl. Luckily my boys are now that much older so I do pop back to bed for an hour when DH does the school run!!

Are you a trained journalist? It's something I always wanted to do. I did enrol on a Writers Bureau course last year but have only done one assignment so far (I am not good without deadlines, I need to know when something has to be done by and then I'll do it!!)

The Princess's dress is very sweet, age shouldn't stop you wearing pretty dresses too!!

S x

Gem said...

Ha, I was indeed very frazzled. Never too frazzled to blog though of course!
I feel much better now, I am waking up, at 6pm! The little girls have now gone home and we all had a lovely time with cakes and biscuits and then spag bol and chocolate mousse. The mum and I put the world to rights as always as the kids just ran riot.
Yes I am a trained journalist. I trained on the NCTJ course back in 1994. I always wanted to write, my dad and grandfather were also journalists. So I am in blog heaven!
What was your assignment?
I think I once interviewed an author who'd gone on that course and done very well out of it!
You are so right about dresses, I shall put one on tomorrow, provided it doesn't rain.
Going to put this message on your blog too as not sure you will see this otherwise x x

Cuckoo said...

Gem love, unless Sarah B comes back to this precise post she'll never see your reply. You'd be better off leaving a comment on her post. To do this click on her name on the comment. This will take you to her profile page. Then scroll down to the "my Blogs" bit and click on the Shabby Chic Sarah blog and then you're there!!!!

I wish I had some advice that would work for your sleep situation. I really do, but you know nothing worked except bootcamp for Little!!

And for christ sake. Shop on line! For the sake of a couple of quid delivery (usually you can find a free delivery voucher) i'll save you so much time. Come on Woman!!!!! you are very computer savvy! Time is money darl.

Cuckoo said...

IT'LL save you som much time not I"LL save you so much time. Grrrrrr.

kmmms said...

I couldn't cope with shopping in an actual supermarket for a big family grocery shop. Online shopping is just brilliant. If you sign up to tesco you usually get money off or free delivery the first time.

Glad you had a nice evening doll. Are you feeling any better now? As you can see I too am in a nightowl phase. Then in the morning I need a coffee!
I have to say I am of the mind that the boy will keep waking in the night for feeds so long as you keep giving them to him. (ha ha, I just typed that as Jim!) but I appreciate how hard it is to stop. Tricky one love, do what is right for you xxx