Monday 13 June 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

I have to set an alarm in the morning. This is NOT good for my heart.

Last Monday we all woke at 8.20am, this morning we woke at 8.30am on the dot. Gulp!

This is because the Prince is waking at 5am and I bring him into bed and feed him for a good half hour and then put him back in his cot, and decide to grab another hour's sleep.

But then we sleep in too long.

The stress it caused undid all the good the extra sleep had provided me, so I shall set an alarm for tomorrow. Yikes. Definitely bad times!!!

The Princess gets a lift on a Monday (we car share to help save the planet) and my friend was late so by the time she arrived at 8.40am, I'd somehow managed to wake the Princess and get her breakfast etc ready while she tore around the house like Kevin McAlister from Home Alone. In ten minutes flat.

It all got calmer by 9.30am when my two friends popped round for coffee and a quick catch up. It's always manic though, a child is always crying somewhere so we rarely finish sentences or sit still longer than three minutes.

Still, it was lovely to see them and I really value their friendship.

Going back to the stressful start this morning, I would like to compare it to the relaxing breakfast we had on Saturday morning. The radio was on, the kids were happy (if somewhat cheeky, as you can tell from the below photos) and nothing was rushed.

Like butter wouldn't melt...

Whatever the Princess does, the Prince finds it hilarious.

Slightly posing now.

Lots of jam and toast inside the car. Nice.

Because he is mashing it there. Happily.

The weather is nicer and it's actually sunny at the moment. Sadly though, as I was just putting food on the bird table, I noticed a broken egg on the floor, from the pigeon nest.

I love our little bird table. My great uncle made it from his home on a farm in Devon. He died not long after but my great auntie is still down there, in a cutesy house in the middle of fields.

Even fat pigeons and magpies somehow squeeze onto the bird table
In charity shop news, I am loving this cherry tree skirt for the Princess. If only it fitted me, I'd wear it loads. It's originally from Next but I got it in Helen & Douglas House Hospice for £2.99.

Can I leave you now with this below photo from my sister's wedding that was recently sent to me, which is now one of my favourite family photos ever! Natural shots are definitely the best.

Double click on it and check out my daughter's trouncy, flouncy dress! Just gorgeous. Like a little fairy.


Tracy Glover said...

Oo,I love the skirt too. I often look at some of Eliska's togs and wish they had them in my size! Shoes too, why are kids' ones so much better?
I love the bird table and the funky chair.
I was interested to hear you mention the other day hat you are a journalist. I always wanted to do that and it was a bit of a dream that got lost somewhere.
The kiddiwinks look very happy. x

Unknown said...

Gorgeous family photo. Stunning dress that you're wearing - were you a bridesmaid? (Am putting two and two together from the colours that your husb and the princess are wearing, the dress doesn't look bridesmaid-ish at all, it's gorge.)

Love your bird table, it's so sweet! And has sentimental value to you too, which is nice. I love watching the birds on our table. We have nesting blackbirds in the garden at the mo.


PS Husb loved Withnail, thank gawd, so no need to consider divorce! :-) Had totally forgotten about the scene where Uncle Monty is breaking into the house in the middle of the night and nearly peed self laughing at Withnail being so scared! 'I heard a noise, I must get in!' ha ha ha! Have been laughing to self all day remembering quotes afresh.

Anonymous said...

Love the photograph Gem,your right ,natural photos are always the

Sarah said...

Oh goodness, another frazzled day!!

Thanks for your comment over at mine - I'm v. jealous about your writing!! I got a place on the NCTJ course in 1991 but my Mum wouldn't let me do it :0( she said it was time I "paid my way"!!

Check out today's post over at mine - you've won an award....

S x

Cuckoo said...

Princess looks like she's been scared by a parrot!!!!! Ha haaaaa!

Beautiful family pic. Lush!