Monday 21 January 2013

New Year

So, after munching my way through at least 84 mince pies, slurping more than 31 gin and tonics, and showing my cellulite that I just don't care by troughing my own (considerable) weight in Quality Streets and Roses, it's been a long time coming to get back on track.

But I can't be bothered. It's too cold out there and we need to fatten up through the winter to stay warm - that's what I tell myself when I reach for the Tunnocks...(again).

I haven't blogged for a whole month. I've never been away from it for so long. I've just found myself being very busy in other ways I guess and haven't had the urge.

So, by way of update:

Christmas came and went in a flash at my parents. My brother and sister in law were over from Chicago so it was particularly special.

Christmas Eve kicked off as usual with carols at the church
where my parents and then the Husband and I got married.

Much resting aplenty

Someone was thrilled with their gift!

This little chap became a talking point

We all ate well and were thankful for it

The Husband schmoozing with my sister and sister-in-law

I was happy as Larry with life's simple pleasures...

My beautiful mum and bro in law

Too much cake and tins stuffed with mince pies

Deciding what to watch each night

We played games. I lost...every time

We walked off the turkey
 Then we returned home and went straight to see the sea. I didn't realise how much I missed it until we were back.

Last week you could tell the snow was coming
 And indeed the snow did come! And lots of it too! We found an amazing place to go sledging. I had a fair few goes and only fell off once (in a skirt......slightly awkward for those in front of me)

Brand new hat from the cherry tree shop. £1.50!

We are lucky to live a few minutes' walk from one of the oldest villages in Britain. It was stunning in the snow.

Our street
Now things are very busy in the house. The husband has managed to cover the ENTIRE house in dust, from electrically sanding the lounge walls. I could have cried when I saw it. The whole house looked like it was covered in smoke.

Despite opening the windows and shutting the lounge door, the dust has still escaped and settled everywhere. I am more breathless than Meg Ryan...and not in a good way.

The Husband looked like one of the men in E.T.

Look at the air. Now feel my pain.
(Can I point out those testers on the wall are NOT our choices! We uncovered them!)

I suffer from chronic asthma (only diagnosed about six years ago) and am now suffering as a result of the dust. So here are my trusty weapons which I am using daily again.

I'm all about the glamour, see?

So while the Husband is ruining my home, and both the hoover and shower have chosen to pack in, I can hardly quit the chocolate now can I?

Mind you, I am keeping busy with my new friend Annie Sloan, although it's fair to say I am not a natural painter. I am also really into reading again and trying to get early nights, and baking for Cake Friday (where my friends and I get together for cake and gossip) which is probably why my blog is on the back burner a little.

Onto my main hobby in life, I'm hoping the cake stand in the cherry shop that I have been coveting since before Christmas is still in the window unsold on Thursday morning. If it is, the lady said I can have it for half price. Think she is sick of me popping in to look at it.....I'm like a broken record.