Thursday 25 July 2013

Affairs of the heart

So I've not been here for a whole month. I'd love to tell you I have been busy on a paradise island sipping cocktails (non alcoholic of course, due to being 20 weeks pregnant). I would love to tell you I spent four whole weeks draped in a hammock, reading dozens of books.

But oh no. No such luck. I've been mainly saving my hanging baskets from destruction, after the kids decided to use them as basketball nets (my poor fushias will never be the same again), trying to work out how we will fit another baby in this house (I fear my dreams for a dressing table in the bedroom window are shot to bits as now we will have a cot in its place...gah!) and....oh....well, trying to get over a brief love affair.

A love affair that I should never have begun, and one that is coming to a swift end.

His name?


I could never fathom why bloggers were turning their heads to Instagram. Sure, he was alluring, I eventually got sucked in myself, but all the time I knew it wouldn't last, no matter how intense it became.

At first I just flirted with Instagram, just here and there when the kids were in bed or the husband was at work. It felt wrong. I was cheating on Blogger. I loved Blogger with a passion - I still do - but Instagram tempted me with the fact he was so easy. There was little effort involved and it showed me a world I didn't know existed.

Instagram introduced me to new people. New things.

But after a while, my heart stopped beating every time I met up with Instagram.

The new things became the regular things I saw. Trends developed. Nothing seemed original anymore.
I got bored seeing the same things he showed me. And I realised Blogger had always been a loyal companion with more depth and character. How could I have temporarily dumped Blogger just for someone's looks? I felt ashamed and dirty.

There was also a misunderstanding somewhere down the line and so I eventually came to my senses and am calling it a day with Instagram. He will understand I am sure and will end up lulling some other person to his lair. I wish them all the best.

So Blogger understands. I have explained everything to him. My heart lies here and I am so much happier for realising this.

And now I've got THAT off my rather ample chest, here's what's been going on.

OK there was a bit of lounging around on the beach...

Admiring pretty beach huts

Enjoying a bit of icy happiness

Bringing Home & Away to the UK south coast

A little light evening reading on the beach

Had a wonderful day when KMMS came to see me

We spent the day charity shopping, lunching by the sea, paddling in the warm waters,  and catching up.

I bought this for £2.99 from British Heart Foundation
(originally Fat Face)

It needed a matching necklace and woo!  £1!!!

Love how the necklace matches the stitching

Tried to fathom why the Prince was a fairy......

Love this moment of tenderness

Bought this for 10p a few weeks ago at a charity fete!

Picked this up in Dorothy House charity shop while in Bath.
£2.99! Perfect.

Finished my breastfeeding course yesterday and "graduate" on Tuesday.
Can't believe how much we had to learn! Then I shall be a Coastal Peer Supporter!
And here is me at 20 weeks pregnant. I am loving this pregnancy. Yes I'm boasting a big bump but to me, it means my baby has cushioning! He or she will have far more space in my tummy than when he/she joins our chaotic family!

See you soon Blogger and no, I won't sneak back to Instagram. Hand on heart.