Wednesday 15 June 2011

Brain, brain go away

I tried to put my cash card in the parking meter today. Oh dear. The brain is diminishing by the day. I stood there for what seemed like ages, trying to work out where the card slot was.

I have also done this several times in the library. The librarian (who is responsible for the vast number of books I am stockpiling as she recommends my every read) just sighs and looks at me.

And says: "Noooo my love. You did this last time as well. I can't take your Visa card. I need your library card. This is a library. Not Waitrose."

Yet I always forget. Brain fog? Jeez...

I went out today to cherry tree shops before taking the Prince for a play in a family centre. It was wintery. The precinct that is home to four of my fave cherry tree shops looked even more depressing than usual.

But, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes and loads of people looked at me, the weird lady with a pushchair, taking photos of the charity shops in the ugly, grey concrete precinct. In the rain. They had a point.

I bought this fab Betty Jackson jacket for £5.95 from Sue Ryder. Although if I am honest, the jury is out on it as it is possibly drawing more attention to my chest. And that ain't good. Those babies get the spotlight most days whether I like it or not.

I think Gok would tell me to take it straight back and demand a refund: "Honey, with those stupendous bangers, a thick boxy jacket like this will instantly turn you into a young Hattie Jacques."

So I may return it and get something else. I was also a little miffed to find two dirty tissues in the pocket. What a ******* liberty, to quote Catherine Tate's Nan character.

I also bought this Gap skirt for the Princess but the photo doesn't do it justice so I've not uploaded it. She wouldn't model it tonight anyway as was too busy shoehorning herself into a pumpkin outfit (for four year olds) while her friends were round for tea.

One for her 21st, methinks!


Sarah said...

Haha, Gem you do make me chuckle!!

Am I the only one to read your Gok "quote" in his voice?

We always use the term "shoehorning" as well!!

S x

Unknown said...

I love going to the library. Love it. Feels kind of old-fashioned and worthy, reminds me of my childhood too. I used to go with my Mum as a wee one and choose little grey rabbit books.

Love the Princess in the pumpkin outfit, very funny. I feel like I'm shoehorning myself into outfits at the moment (especially my jeans). I lost a bit of weight and then went on a few mini breaks and put a few more pounds on. Grrr. Need to get them back off again and lose the muffin top.

If the jacket accentuates your bazongers can you send it to me please? I need help in that particular department. :)

Nicki xx

Cuckoo said...

Gem. Remember what you said about running through Tesco, naked, shouting "Gok Wan where are you?" if you guessed the sex of my baby wrongly for the 3rd time? Well I shall hold you to it. You said they were girls. They were all boys HA hAAAAAhaaaaaaa. Strip off!!!