Monday 20 June 2011

Time for Tea (Pot)

I can't see any of my followers. Haven't been able to for weeks. I know there are 20 of you, somewhere, out there but I can't be sure who you are.

Do leave messages and reveal yourself to me so I can be sure to follow your blogs too.

Teapot Clare emailed me today. She of the 40th party "dress up as an indie kid" shenanigans. Poor thing was mortified to read my blog about my "party experience". Can I set the record straight - there were TEN people out of 60 who were dressed up. I missed this. Maybe I was too wrapped up naval-gazing in true indie form by this point or too busy stealing the tattoo sleeve from the banker.

I am dying to see more pics of the night so I can put them on my blog if she allows me to. You there Teapot? Email me some if you have any.

Poor Teapot thinks I am a little offended by the "lack of shapeless band t-shirt on woman" situation. I am not at all. We had the lushest time once I'd pulled myself together (thanks to wine and a mean chilli) and I'm over it*.

She is coming to a little gathering I am having next week. She could write her own blog about it afterwards judging from the sobriety it offers. I emailed around to see who was bringing what in terms of nibbles and drinks. Most people confirmed they would be bringing soft drinks. Think only two mentioned wine.

Me thinks two words. Drink. And Spike. And not necessarily in that order.

No, not really. But I do hope we can let our hair down a bit and slow down on the Kia Ora. My life is way too sensible at the best of times. I can't remember the last time I did anything crazy, other than trying to impress the kids' entertainer merely because I have the hots for him, and look where that got me.

Cherry tree offerings, by the way, are the below book for £1.50 from Oxfam and Buzz Lightyear from Helen & Douglas House Hospice for £3.

"To infinity..." blah blah blah

The Princess was thrilled when I brought Buzz home. I actually bought it for the Prince but didn't have the heart to tell her and I forget how much she loves boys' toys.

She wants to join the local cub group. Not Brownies. No waaaaay. She plays football for the village team and she reads Horrid Henry. Meanwhile the Prince has been walking around all day with a baby doll. A doll dressed head to toe in pink.

Right off for a cuppa and bed. It's Evil Tuesday again tomorrow. Yikes.

*Think I'll tell Teapot Clare that it's fancy dress at mine next week. Mwwwwwwwwwwwwwahhhhh!


Sarah said...

You know me!!

Have you checked your followers on Google Reader? You have a whole new set separate to the ones Blogger shows you. I realised this and it doubled my following instantly!!

That'd be hilarious if you tell your friend it's fancy dress - tell her it's tarts and vicars, lol!!

S x

Grateful4Crochet said...

At least it sounds like you had a great night.
I follow your blog, and dont understand the difference between blogger view and google reader view, although it may be the difference between public and private followers???

Grateful4Crochet said...

and weirdly enough, your followers show up when I'm reading your blog!!

heartshapedbruise. said...

I can see your followers :p

Anyway, hi! I am a relatively new follower - I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I like seeing the bargains you've picked up & I love reading about your children - I have a nephew a similar age to your little boy, so find that all quite interesting :)

Speaking of my nephew, man would he be impressed with that Buzz Lightyear. Can't believe you got it for £3.. Is it in good condition? Working? My nephew has actually got one, that looks similar, except it's one his Nan found in the loft that is in a really really crappy condition. Obviously he loves it anyway, but it does frustrate him that he's broken. Argh I've just written an entire massive paragraph about Buzz Lightyear toys. Do apologise.

On that note, bye!

sarah said...

i follow you, love your blog does make me laugh and yes you get the best bargains ,the charity shops i go to i get something good every now and then soo not fair x sarah

April May said...

Hi! Fairly new to your blog, love reading all about your finds! My daughter is a big boys toys fan too! x