Tuesday 24 June 2014

Cherry baby

Can you see my latest treasure from the cherry tree? Nestled right there between the chintz and the blue frosted fluted dessert dishes.......which are also from the charity shops?

Here we are, I have gently brought it out to show it off further. I cradle it like a baby, I love it so.

This 1950s Babycham glass was tucked away on a shelf in the local Scope charity shop and cost me a mere £2. It's hexagonal stem and style of deer tells me it's 1950s, rather than a slightly later version.

did intend to quaff Prosecco from it, but actually I am worried I will break it. These glasses are rather in demand and I can't believe I fell upon one so easily.

And, truth be told, you can't get much Prosecco in it anyway...

Other cherry tree treasures this week include:

I was so excited as was missing this one from the series and the illustrations are sweet. Naughty Ginger!

I also bought:

Although The Magic Stone has a newer cover, I have been searching for it for YEARS and the inside is just like the one I loved as a child. Man, I loved that book.

I also snapped this up for £1. 

"Yeah John they are boats, I can see them. Jeez, pull yourself together and calm down, you freak." said Janet. Probably.

also bought yet another glass jelly mould, isn't it funny how I searched for one for a long while and now find them all the time?! It is what you tune into I guess.

Love a bit of wobbly jelly, although it's a constant reminder of my post baby figure. Gulp.

I tell you who isnt worried at all about how much she can shovel in though, and that's Sweet Child. She was six months yesterday and I started the Baby Led Weaning last week, a week earlier than planned. None of the time consuming puréed food malarkey, just normal food and it's brill.

She had grabbed humous out of my hand and went nuts for it and since then she has devoured cheese on toast, weetabix, celery, chicken, broccoli and has enjoyed her first barbecue.

The mess is hideous but she is having an absolute ball!

In other news, we had our next door neighbours round on Saturday night for dinner. I ruined dessert through over whipping the cream and curdling it, I hadn't had time to Hoover and believe it or not, didn't even get time to change. And so when they arrived at 8.10pm, I looked a wreck in jeans and a sun cream stained top, while they looked swish and fragrant and ready for a lovely child free night.

All my kids then decided to stay up, even Sweet Child cried til 9.30pm which was unheard of, although it was a humid night.

So the neighbours walked Sweet Child around the garden while I left the other two to it in the living room and in the end we had a lovely evening, even if I did have to nip out to Tesco Express for bog standard dessert...

Today looks another glorious day, the beach beckons. 

There will more from me about cherry tree shops and the terrible trio soon. But now I must find myself clearing up from being knee high in weetabix. Which is a bugger to clear up, once it has dried and hardened.

Sunday 8 June 2014

Hot Right Now

(Psst......Can I just say the below post has taken all day to write, in between dealing with pesky kids, chores and a spot of sun bathing. I started it at 9am, it's now 3pm.........)

It's hot today. Like proper bo baking hot and it's only 9am. I've been up since 5am with Sweet Child who decides she likes that time of day to sing loudly (and badly) at the top of her voice.

So we came downstairs early, I watched bad Channel 5 films which I'd recorded for moments like this, and now at 9am I am ready for lunch.

Everyone else has just come down for breakfast. It's kinda awkward. Wish I had some brunch. I could murder eggs and bacon right now.

So onto Cherry Tree treasures. I took three bagfuls of clothes to a charity shop and found this gorgeous Rochas outfit for Sweet Child while I was in there, it's too cute and frilly and everything I love about girlie clothes.

Sue Ryder

It was only £1.50 and so was this gorgeous dress.

She has just discovered the toy TV and loves it!

I barely look for Cherry Tree clothes for me these days, its all about the baby. The clothes are nearly always brand new or barely worn, dead cheap and there are some lovely brands out there if you search.

In other news, the Prince turned five on Thursday and we threw him a little party yesterday. He only wanted six boys, he wanted a football and Star Wars theme and he wanted a square chocolate cake.

But I decided to try a football pitch, to fit in with his theme.

Cake baking isn't my forte and I shall leave it there. Rest assured I will buy one next year. Kids just don't appreciate the effort at that age. They don't care whether Marks & Spencer or Mum made it.

"So is it a good bake?" I kept demanding.

Everyone just mumbled through their cake holes, I think it tasted OK, and hopefully better than it looked.

There were lots of traditional party games, all the boys attacked the Husband with their light sabres and I think a good time was had by all (except possibly the Husband, due to said light sabre violence).

It's going to be a beach day today. I love a coastal breeze when its warm.

Oh and finally, I wean the baby in two weeks time, when she will be 6 months old. How can she be 6 months old?

Cherry tree dress

She is still the cutest dolly, more vocal and has a sense of humour already. I am more than smitten and I have made some great friends since having her which is a huge bonus.

There are plans in place to go to the mum and baby cinema session next week, baby yoga, walks to the sea and lunches out. It's definitely been the most pleasant maternity leave I've had. Having a baby by the sea totally rocks.

Oh back to the Prince and being five, here he is from the start. Where it all began.

A day old
A year old

Turning two

Now we are three

Hitting the big 4

Can't believe he's five. Opening his first football kit! THE JOY!!!
Absolutely love his face in this!
 Aw, maybe I will turn out another bake for his 6th birthday next year. Soggy bottom or not.