Thursday 16 June 2011

A summer outfit to cheer one up

Today is grim. Half an hour of sun at lunchtime but then back to grim. So I am rather delighted to showcase my latest cherry tree offering.

It is from Sue Ryder and cost £2.95. I think it is a Spanish label and it is a little snug at the moment but then I have been eating vast amounts of cake over the past few weeks.

Need to cut down on lemon drizzle cake 
 for it to fit perfectly though!

I like the way it is all twinkly at the top
 I loved the skirt but realised I had nothing at all to wear it with at home. But I decided I would buy it anyway and team it with a cheap Primark vest top which I would buy in a week or two.

Then in the distance, something sparkled at me, glinting happily, on the very last clothes rail.

It caught my eye as I was leaving the shop

Also very twinkly on top

Et voila! A complete outfit for under £6!
I am well chuffed with these purchases! Just need to curb my cake habit and await the sunny days again.


Bee said...

Clever girl, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, I searched in my local charity shops yesterday, there are about 5 in town and nothing, not one thing that grabbed my attention but I'll keep looking x x x

Pink Milk said...

You certainly have a gift for sniffing out CS gems (pardon the pun!)!

All you need now is a sun drenched terrace, glass of something chilly and some tapas (oh and definitely a large flower in your hair)!


Unknown said...

That top is gorgeous! So pretty and it goes brilliantly with the skirt.

Just need some sunshine now.... where is it?!

Nicki xx