Tuesday 14 June 2011

Zebras and awards

I have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by the very lovely Sarah B at ShabbyChicSarah. Really kind of her as I actually spend a fair bit of time looking at her very pretty blog. Thanks Sarah! Check out her blog at http://shabbychicsarah.blogspot.com/

Now I need to write ten facts about me. Hmmm. I've had to do this recently so I will try to come up with ten brand new ones.

1. My family nickname is Treela.

2. I am just very slightly obsessed with Bon Jovi. In two weeks' time I am seeing them live with my sister, a Christmas present from the husband. I. Cannot. Wait.

3. I once interviewed Peter Andre and he smelt divine.

4. I am left handed but cut scissors with my right hand. And eat like a "normal" person.

5. I once had a poem published in a romantic poetry book. Written about my ex.

6. I spotted Ant and Dec in Oxford a few years ago and went up to them, bold as brass, and said "Oi, what are you doing here?" as if they were my bestest friends. It freaked Ant out but Dec was great and we had a chat!

7. I have a serious aversion to dogs' mess. It means NO ONE can EVER wear shoes inside my house. Just in case. This has only kicked in since having children.

8. I danced on a podium in Sydney with Alan Carr, just before he hit the big time. His teeth weren't mad, he didn't wear glasses and he was NOWHERE near as camp as he is now, either!

9. Me and the husband lived in a two-man dome tent in Australia for four months before getting married. It was a make or break situation for any couple, fortunately we survived it.

10. I know all of the word's to Ice Ice Baby. And Oh Carolina. Hardly a claim to fame, mind...

I would like to pass this award onto the following three blogs I love:

Grateful 4 Crochet  - http://gratefulcrochet.blogspot.com/

Romi and Bob - http://tracynko-motile.blogspot.com/

Fancy Vintage -  http://fancyvintagechina.blogspot.com/

Onto cherry tree shop purchases,  I picked up the following toy  for £1.99 from Oxfam for the Prince. He LOVES it beyond comprehension. A very happy boy.


I also got the above napkins for £1.70 from The British Heart Foundation. Perfect for a little afternoon cake scoffing session and we always seem to run out of napkins.

I trawled the cherry tree shops back in March for zebra print accessories to wear to my sister's hen weekend but alas I didn't find a single thing. Weird isn't it, how when you want to find something, you can't.

However, now the grand occasion has passed, I am finding zebra print dresses, shoes, tops, necklaces and hats in so many cherry tree shops. It's unbelievable. At the time I had to settle for an H&M dress and accessories from various jewellery outlets.

Not sure where my sister's obsession with zebras stems from but it dates back to childhood. Then she met her dream man only to find he too has a penchant for black and white stripey horses. I've even spied a pair of zebra print pimp shoes he wears for special occasions.

I wasn't writing my blog at the time of the over-zealous zebra hen weekend so thought I would mention it today, especially as cherry tree zebra print is literally leaping out at me at every opportunity.

I really wish I could have got my entire outfit from the cherry tree shops. I think it would have been a brilliant challenge. But it was just not meant to be.  Now I'm wondering whether all the stuff I am finally coming across are cast-offs from the other hens. We really were Kat Slater lookalikes as you will see from the below pics, I guess no one wanted to look like it again!

Me and my lil sis, she is six and a half years younger. And tres glam.
This was before the zebra madness

A few cheeky cocktails we made in a bar in Oxford during the weekend

Then the zebra obsession kicked in on a boat trip

Right down to our zebra print sunnies

Her friend Sian baked lush zebra cakes

Then we decorated her hotel room
(spot my cherry tree wooden zebra sitting up in the background)

Oh dear, that's me.

In Giraffe restaurant (closest we could get to a Zebra eatery)

You'll find us in da club

Possibly too much zebra juice

Even had a zebra pinata but forgot to play it
so saved it for the Prince's birthday!


Sarah said...

What a fab idea for a hen night!! Much better than the schoolgirl/policewoman, etc themes some hens go for as your sister's had a proper meaning!!

Get your sister to Google "Zebroid" or "Zorse" for pics of gorgeous zebra x horses!!

BTW Did you know you can't train a zebra to be ridden like you can a horse?

Did you meet Mr Andre pre or post Katie? Was he as nice as he seems? :nosey:

S x

Cuckoo said...

One of my all time best ever memories of you was you doing "Oh Carolina" at my 30th. It was the dance moves that got me.

I can totally see you going up to Ant and Dec. Nutter.

You in Zebra dress smooching up to the wall = fox!

We have two of those train toys, press the head and it shoots off? Briliant. Except Big would slap Little on the head and shout "GO" when little was 10 months old.

Are you suggesting Alan Carr's teeth aren't real?

I've worn shoes in your house post kids. Soz xxx

Sarah said...

If you go to http://www.happylovesrosie.com/p/freebies.html she has lots of free buttons (and a nice blog worth following - she owns the vintage caravan that was used in the latest CK magazine), scroll down and you'll find the "Keep Calm" ones near the bottom.

Copy the code and then go to your blog design page and "add a gadget" - choose the html one and then paste the code, save and voila cute little button in your sidebar!!

S x

Grateful4Crochet said...

Thanks heaps :)
Love the zebra pics!!!

Grateful4Crochet said...

also tried to link to you for a thank you pic, but think I failed abjectly, so here it is

Fancy Vintage said...

Thank you so so so much for my award, that is brilliant and so so so kind of you to like fancy vintage.
I love your entry today, so much going on, love it, that is how my mind works, have worked out to how to have a few posts open at the same time and keep going back to edit them.
alas I am a ditherer!
Love the Zebra theme, so much fun, I love dressing up, and have been on a few fancy dress nights, but I like yours the best!
so love finding a good deal second hand, it is such a buzz.
I had to clean the car out tonight as it is getting an MOT tomorrow and it took me an hour but I was so excited to find some buys in there from a few car boots ago! One pink teapot, 2 coffee pots, more china, and the list goes on....
Thanks again for my award, will have to think of what to say now, may take a year! hahaha
Becca x