Wednesday 8 June 2011

A abrupt start to the day

The day started badly when I woke at 8.20am. We leave for school at 8.30am.

I was fortunate in that on a Wednesday my lovely friend takes the Princess to school  but even so. We had ten minutes to get up, look presentable, eat breakfast and I don't like that start to the day. Plus I was hoarse and raspy so couldn't shout my orders which was frustrating, especially as the princess took four minutes alone to put her socks on.

After that, things calmed down nicely. I managed to see a doctor about my tight chest and she confirmed I do indeed have asthma again, following a virus this week. So back onto the inhalers. Never mind, at least I will be able to breathe easily, I've had some moments this week where it's been a struggle and that's not nice.

Then I popped to a lovely lady who does great haircuts for a mere fraction of the price at a salon. She took two inches off my tresses and cut in some long layers and then blowdried it beautifully. I rarely get my hair done so it was a treat. I bounced out of her house and into Waitrose where I got some compliments about my hair. That is always welcome! My hair has changed so much since having the kids, it's drier, hormones have changed its density and texture but today it feels as lovely as it used to.

I am not getting it coloured at the moment as hair is too dry
and therefore I shall soon be grey...sob! But I love the Nigella flicks she gives me.
 Oh... I just noticed the sunlight is on my nose in the above pic and makes it look a bit peculiar. At least it detracts from the sole freckle on my shnoz, so maybe it's a good thing.

Then, ahem, the Prince drove me home
 It was pouring with rain when we got home, but as they say, it's good for the garden. It is NOT, however, good for freshly blowdried hair! But the flowers are looking fabulous.

Is this a fushia or a freesia?
Either way they have always reminded me of Pat Butcher's earrings

This lovely cherry tree book (below) was £2 from Oxfam. I love poetry and so does the Princess. My fave poem is featured too, and yes, purely because it features a gypsy wagon. My vehicle of choice!

Double click and read with delight
And now I must dash to dish up dinner, wash up (we have no dishwasher and currently no washing up liquid - as I just discovered - so that should be interesting) and then get on with some writing.


Anonymous said...

Oh poor you what a rush,thats happened to me before,I spent all day feeling guilty then for rushing the kids :O . Your hair looks lovely,its so nice to have a treat in getting it cut,I dont get mine cut nearly enough!hope your soon feeling better,take care,

Anonymous said...

Love the poem too!xx

Cuckoo said...

I thought that was a Nik Nak crisp on yer schnoz.

It's a fushia.