Tuesday 7 June 2011

Feeling Bookish

Well, another Evil Tuesday is out of the way.  Work at the dental surgery was fine although hectic and then I got home and had a freelance writing job to do straight away. No rest for the wicked but despite being ill still, I seemed to manage today rather well so am hopefully on the mend.

I tried to pack both kids into bed at 7pm last night as also had a migraine kicking in, but whilst the Prince was zonked out within minutes, the Princess couldn't settle. This was despite the fact she read pages and pages of her book to me and then I read to her. She was still wide awake hours later and kept coming down to tell me so. By 10pm I was desperate for bed so decided to let her sleep in with me as the husband wasn't due home from work until 2am.

The Princess and I are currently reading the box set of Malory Towers together. I bought the complete set for £5.99 from Oxfam and was delighted because it's exactly the same book covers I had in my youth. In my youth...god I sound like a pensioner. But you know what I mean, the illustrations aren't the updated ones.

So every night, she reads a few pages of her latest book to me (currently Diary of a Wimpy Kid which we saw together at the cinema last week) and then I read a chapter of Malory Towers to her. We are now on the very last one. The Princess thinks she IS Darrell Rivers, the main character, and I think it's really helped with her excellent behaviour at school. I have a lot to thank Enid Blyton for!

I wish I'd gone to a school by the sea!

Before Malory Towers, we read the box set of Enid Blyton's The Naughtiest Girl and then before that it was My Naughty Little Sister books by Dorothy Edwards. I love all of these and read them all when I was young(there I go again).

One of our favourite books in the house is The Tiger Who Came to Tea. I bought this from Helen & Douglas House Hospice for £1.50 and it came with the CD. My siblings and I had it as kids but it probably ended up in a charity shop somewhere. It's such a great book. A very random idea but a story I wish I'd written and I love the illustrations.

I want little Sophie's tights. How cool.

Of course, completely normal for a wild cat to pop in for tea and cake
Onto other things, I am having my hair cut tomorrow. Only a trim but it's in desperate need. This means I can't go to my breastfeeding class which is right next to three fab cherry tree shops. But at least I will no longer have tresses like Worzel Gummidge. Which is a good thing.

Can I post a pic of Worzel Gummidge or is that a copyright issue?!


kmmms said...

Lover you've already blown the copyright issues with The Tiger I think! I LOVE that book, our version is second hand too, from the Archive 2nd Hand Bookstore up the road (you'd love it).

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I *finally* posted something out today, I can't say sorry enough for being late for the Prince's birthday, feel dreadful about it.

We loved Malory Towers as kids too (me and my sis), I think we had the same covers as you.

Unknown said...

You are making me want to read all of my old school favourites again! I loved Mallory Towers. I loved Brer Rabbit too. And White Boots. Loved that as a child, wonder if your daughter would like it. (Also, which were the books with Moonface in? Famous Five? Loved the books but a friend's dad called me Moonface because of my little round face as a kid. Hmph.)

Have I told you that I love your blog?

Nicki xx

kmmms said...

Wasn't Moonface in The Magic Faraway Tree?

sandiart said...

Oh Mallory Towers, I devoured those books when I found them.
x Sandi