Saturday 21 March 2015

Sweet Child and the weary muvva.

 Sweet Child keeps revealing my breasts in public. She has also started ramming her hands down my top to have a quick shuffle and check the food is still there, should she want it. In the same way I open the fridge to check no one has eaten my Double Decker, I guess.
She is also climbing on the kitchen table and it's driving me utterly mad.
And when she isn't doing all that, she is slamming the toilet lid down, taking out the coal from the gas fire and rubbing it all over her face and refusing to let me sleep more than an hour at a time.
So, this post is brief, because all has gone quiet in the living room and I am in the kitchen. I shall brace myself for what she may have done.
And I can't even begin to start telling you about the Chewing Gum Episode but all I shall say is this; she had very minty drool and a shocked face...
Here she is in her £1 cherry tree skirt.

and here she is about to climb Everest again.......

I must locate Sweet Child. Whom I really should rename Wild Child. Well, she sends me flipping wild at times in any case.

Saturday 14 March 2015

Sofa So Good

It's been a while my chums. How's it hanging?
Remember me? Here I am, trying to look coy in a bid to look less...well....knackered really.

 It's true, I haven't blogged in ages.
Right, I have been all whirled up like a Walnut Whip of late and can't seem to slow any aspect of life down, but busy times are good and it keeps me from loafing around on the sofa watching Jeremy Kyle.
Not that I fancy the sofa much as it harbours filth. I hoovered underneath the sofa recently on a rare whim and under all the seat cushions. Well, there was enough dry cereal under there to feed a family of ten for a week. Hideous. I also unearthed: four hair grips, three Lego missing a head (which I hope Sweet Child hasn't eaten), a whole ball of fluff resembling a grey kitten, two segments of satsuma, seven raisins, three children's books, a rice cake, a Harry Potter wand, white feathers, a keyring, two pens, a lipstick, a ruler and a dried slice of cucumber. Vile. Domestic sluttery at its best.
I am juggling freelance work with raising three children, trying..and failing it keep a clean house, and keeping on top of all the school letters that demand the kids to dress up as World Book Day characters and remembering school trip money and raffle ticket purchases and homework diaries to be signed and after school club info and Comic Relief mufti day where kids must wear red and one had to donate a hamper item for the spring fair and the other had to take money for donation. Then there are toddler groups. A garden to sort, endless washing and all on such little sleep it makes me shudder.
So I fell into a cherry tree shop and treated myself to these pretty Victorian plates. Oh I love them!

Dear Sweet Child is nearly 15 months and a total dolly:

Here she is showing off my new Ladybird book...

I have been baking cheese scones:

Enjoing a VERY rare night out with the Husband:

Enjoying sandy walks with the Trio of Terror

Trying not to chuckle at the World Book Day efforts:

Puss was without (muddy) boots in the house

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Then Red Nose Day happened:

Superheros made me laugh:

Saw one of my best friends:

And just look at the Ladybird collection growing!!!

And Spring is on its way, it's a lovely time of year!

So spring cleaning will now commence. Mind you, if I found that mucky lot under the sofa, imagine what I will find under the kids least they aren't teens yet.