Friday 3 June 2011

The sun really floats my boat

The past two days have whizzed by in a blur. The day before yesterday we decided to spend it in the countryside, away from the crowds.

We had a picnic in a field by the River Thames and then had a couple of drinks in the nearby pub. It's a truly beautiful part of the world, and although I miss Somerset desperately, I do feel we are lucky to live somewhere so pretty.

I love going down by the river. The houses are to die for. I can't imagine ever living in such a stunning property on the water's edge. How the other half live!

Even the swans, young and old, were admiring the amazing houses

Once the houseboat and swans moved on, I couldn't resist another photo!

The Prince had a wonderful time. Boy does he need a hair cut!

We feasted on strawberries. My favourite.

I must point out this is my Banana Republic
cherry tree purchase that I mentioned recently

Another lush house. With its own boat, natch

But to me, this was most special. A gorgeous house boat
beautifully painted, with beautiful shutters

Love the name of the boat too

The Princess and I, doing our Paul McCartney impression

The scent of fresh roses is one of my three favourite smells.
The others are roast lamb and coconut suntan oil 

It wasn't a mirage, the pub really was in sight
 Then we went on a boat trip yesterday which was really good fun. We missed the first boat so I popped into Oxfam and picked up a gorgeous star necklace for £2.99 and a Thomas the Tank Engine toy for the Prince. Meanwhile the husband was buying a Lego figure for the Princess, she really is a tom boy!

She steered the boat for some of the journey and enjoyed every minute.

Check out this amazing boat house

Wearing her Monsoon cherry tree dress which I bought recently
Tomorrow we have my parents, sister and her new husband over to celebrate the Prince's second birthday. He is two on Sunday. I can't believe it. My dear little boy is all grown up and I almost feel bereft. He shouts at me (Mum!!!!! MUUUUUM!!!!!!!) to watch him going down a slide, he loves his sister and we never tire of hearing him shout "Dooooooooody, teeeeeeeeea", when it's time to call his big sister in for dinner.

Must hold on to every moment, the days are whizzing by me fast, like sand through my fingers.


Grateful4Crochet said...

what lovely photos!!!
and i know exactly what you mean about wanting to hold on to every moment and feeling like the days are slipping by! When I was pregnant with my eldest, who is now 17, someone told me that when you are pregnant, time feels like it's standing still, but then as soon as they are born, time just flies and you will wonder where it went. And it's so true, I can't believe that my eldest, who I still remember as if it were yesterday him being your Prince's age, and loving Thomas the Tank Engine, now being almost 18 and in his first year at university!!!So have to treasure moments hey?

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Gem ,LOVE gypsy willow too :)xx