Saturday 25 June 2011

Squiffy over Biffy

A little girl came up to me in the park yesterday and squealed "Ooooh, I know you!"

I looked around but indeed she was talking to me. I obviously looked a little bemused as clearly had NO idea who she was, yet I was trying to rack my brains.

Then she laughed "You are that lady with the lipstick on at the village fete who told a very bad joke and everyone laughed at you."

Gulp. If you remember this, I posted last Sunday about my embarrassment thanks to a certain children's entertainer who is well known in the area. But this little girl thought it was hilarious and kept staring at me.

Moving on, and putting that moment firmly behind me, I am enjoying some rare peace. The Prince is playing in the garden, currently pushing two baby dolls around in a pushchair and cooing over his babies who are called Derek-Tom and Amelie.

Derek-Tom is in the front with Noo-Noo (aka Mr Snuggles)

Yes he is even moving in to kiss Derek-Tom
Derek-Tom belonged to the Princess and she proudly named him. Where the name came from we have no idea as don't even know a Derek.  She also has a teddy called Steven. With a V, mind, not a PH.

Anyway, the Prince is playing with his dolls, The Princess is playing football in a big tournament and so I am blogging away to my heart's content.

Looking like a proper tom boy today!
I hate baseball caps with a passion but am trying to see past it in this pic!
Can't wait for tomorrow, the weather is due to be a scorcher isn't it?! So desperate for the sun. I am a sun worshipper, always have been and I know it's not good for the skin but my helps keep my acne at bay.

Have suffered with bad skin since I was 11. I am now nearly 36. Unfair. It is a lot better than it was but I look at women with porcelain skin and wish I'd been blessed with the same.

However, I count my lucky stars for what I do have in life and all the things that are more important than a peaches and cream complexion.

Now I would like to show off my "happy cuppa" set (that sounds a bit like happy slapping doesn't it, or is it just me. Maybe I should rename it.)

The second saucer is missing but I got the lot for £4 from Oxfam. It's such a cheerful set I couldn't resist.

 I may have to drink tea out of it all afternoon if this sunshine doens't burn through like it promised to. Bring my own little ray of sunshine into the house.

Watched Glasto last night. Have bit of a crush on Simon Neil, the lead singer in Biffy Clyro now. Look at him in this link, he's the one who looks a little like Jesus.  Not my usual type, he is hairy and covered in tattoos but for some reason I LOVE him and the music is great!  Of course we all the Biffy Clyro song which Matt Cardle sang when he won X Factor but I loved the others they performed at Glasto too.

Here's him getting his tats out and then I will stop obsessing

Love that he wore pink converse. The kids watched it too and were dancing around the lounge shrieking and rocking out. Brilliant!

Have a lovely weekend everyone. And just remember, NEVER tell a comedian/kids' entertainer a joke, even if you think it is worthy.


April May said...

Oh Gem this made me laugh out loud! hehe! Just when you think it's all over and done with another reminder comes along! hehe!
Love the tea set you picked up!
oh and your kids are gorgeous (is that how you spell it, it doesn't look right) by the way your daughter is the spit of you!


Pink Milk said...

Hmmm, children do seem to have a gift for bringing up things best forgotten!! I am utterly rubbish at jokes, whether it's forgetting the punchline or getting it all in the wrong order. However, my fave at the mo is short enough for me to remember ...

"What did 0 say to 8?"
"Where did you get your belt?"

Hahaha, love it! Simple things ...

Your delight with my giveaway prize made my day!

Enjoy your weekend.


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

How fun is your post, Gem. Happy I came across your blog! Your cups and teapot are ADORABLE!!

Have a loveliest of weekends x

Shsjndkdns said...

Hey Gem,
The "diet" is more of an "eat more healthily and less junk" kinda thing, not for weight loss, just health I guess!
Your teapot set matches a set of coffee cups my mum has, I think she got them from Whittards years ago.
P.S my skin is also pretty bad, so I love the sun, but can never find a decent foundation, even the pricey Nars one I bought with my birthday voucher isn't great. Any recomendations? xx

Sarah said...

Ahhh, bless the Prince and his babies.

Oooh, I rather like the look of Simon, I like my men like I like my horses - big and hairy!! ;0)

S x

Helen said...

Aren't children good at naming things? We had a cinema and a Parmesan for a while. Probably best to get it out of their system early. I remember one poor child called onion( for real honest) x

Unknown said...

HA! The very best thing that the little girl said was that you were the lady 'with the lipstick on'. Ha! What a thing to say. Kids are so funny. Bet your face was a picture. Ha ha!

Have you and your gang been to a festival as a family before? I've come to expect it of you in this short time I've 'known' you. Can totally imagine it would be your thing. I quite fancy it too and if I could get past my 'mind block' of using public loos I'd be there myself. You and your tat sleeves... (loved that post by the way.. loved it... read it before the photos were uploaded and returned the other day to see the pics. You rock a tat, darlin').

Nicki xx

Cuckoo said...

Ha ha haaaa! That'll go down in history doll, you're children will tell theirs and so on..... Brilliant.


fee @ chipper nelly said...

Too funny.
Alfie calls all his things 'craig'. No idea why.
fee x
(lipstick? stop raising the bar)