Wednesday 29 June 2011

Shot through the heart.....

OK so not many Bon Jovi fans are cool. I knew this. It was my third time. You will always get the fans who look like this:

"Nice jacket. Was it from a Cherry Tree Shop?"

And they really don't care. There was a lot of leather, too many tattoos, some scary faces. Some possibly could have washed their hair beforehand and made an effort. It was a muggy evening in Bristol after all.

We rock. And we know we do.
So I got to Bristol and I was ready to rock my socks off. Wasn't wearing socks though really, cos as I said it was all too muggy. The DMs went back in the wardrobe, the Birkenstocks came out. Far more suitable for Glasto but hey, this ain't a fashion parade.

Cherry Tree skirt, natch.

This is my brother in law Danny. Do you like the ahem.....tattoos which were very REAL of course. Ahem. We like to think we looked very much the part. And indeed we did!

I wore my Superman t-shirt as Jon Bon Jovi has a matching tattoo. See, I'd be a good wife to him, totally supportive of him and everything.

Anna and I barely able to contain our excitement.
And then Bon Jovi came on stage and we commenced to leap, sing, play guitar and rock non stop for two and a half hours. While the rest of the fans seemed extremely subdued in comparison, but we couldn't care less.

Keep the Faith

I think the tattoo sleeve looks so real here!

"Woooooooooah, we're half way there"

"Woooooah Livin' on a Prayer"
I got so over excited I actually needed my asthma inhaler at one point!

Oh yeah, TOTALLY Wayne's World
 We had an awesome time, I love the husband soooooooo much for this belated Christmas present. Jon didn't let us down. Except he didn't sing "Always", but you know what, I can forgive him.

What I can't forgive, are some of the fans who looked bored and miserable throughout. The ones who weren't up for a laugh. The ones who couldn't be bothered to get their backsides out of their seats and pay tribute to the New Jersey boys. Thankfully we were standing and used our inflatable guitars to the max.

Then we caught sight of the following fan who reinstored my faith in people enjoying gigs.

Look at his leggings. Jeggings? Spandex?
And as for the man himself?

Jon you still have it son. You still have it.

A brilliant night. I will update on other stuff another time. The Prince has had an epic nap (three hours) and I need to wake him for lunch before the school run in 15 mins! Yikes I hope he sleeps tonight!


Anonymous said...

Great Piccies Gem,glad you had a fab timexxx

fee @ chipper nelly said...

must admit I HATE Bon Jovi...but there is something about Jon (think its the lips!)

Love a live gig though - and like you, does my head in when people don't get into it!
Fab pictures - you rock chick!
fee x

Unknown said...

Get yooouuu!!! My friend is a hooooge Bon Jovi fan - she is in the fan club and used to follow them round on tour going to every single gig in the UK. (She just had a baby which has put a stop to that this year). She has been within arms reach of him so many times she makes me laugh! She's has got one of those jackets with the picture on the back and even has one of his old guitars (or something) in a frame on the wall. You would LOVE her, she's gorge and loads of fun. Anyway, the log and the short of it is that you totally remind me of her in this post and I like that!

Awesome guitar, dude. And bless your bro-in-law for hanging out with you girls and getting stuck in. What a trooper!

Nicki xx

sarah said...

great pics and love a bit of the jovi myself ,and yes boring farts call themselves rock fans ,i know someone else who went last night and def not like any of the ones in your pics shes a farmers wife just realised she was at take that a few weeks back as well oh and how could he not sing always xx sarah

sarah said...

hi, all good thanks and yes sorry meant monday as she to saw them in bristol x and i saw on fb once about cuckoo house in salcombe but had forgot how lovely, look forward to visiting salcombe