Thursday 30 June 2011

Town and gown

I absolutely love this cherry tree dress that I bought the Princess. It is orginally from Next and I bought it for £3! I love the fabric and when she grows out of it, I may have to learn how to be crafty so I can reuse the fabric.

This is a hasty post as have the Princess's sports day in an hour and I have chores to do beforehand as entertaing a few ladies tonight. God that makes me sound like Hugh Heffner!

Few glasses of vino and nibbles, hopefully out in the garden but it's feel rather chilly at the moment. The sun has gone in.

I am still thinking of the lovely day I had on Tuesday.  I had slept at my sister's house in Bristol the night before after the Bon Jovi gig and we got up early and headed to Bath. Where we spent the whole morning at the Thermae Bath Spa.

It is gorgeous. I've been to a few spas in the past but this stood out for its fab city centre location and rooftop pool. Very odd but pleasant feeling to feel the cool, chilly air on your face while the rest of your body is submerged in warm water.

We left Bath and then headed to my home town for a little look around. I grew up there when it was considered uncool.

Not anymore. It is full to bursting with wonderful shops - a burlesque shop, a wool shop where you can buy everything for your knitting/crochet needs, a bead shop, brilliant cherry tree shops, great and unusual clothes shops, fab pubs and a street with a stream running through the middle.

It has never been so cool, which is helped by the nearby Babington House  which is renowned for being a celeb hangout. According to my sources, Beyonce and Katie Price were spotted (not together) drinking in one of the pubs last week and Johnny Depp is moving in.

Pearl and Daisy Lowe bought a house there although I believe they've now moved to a nearby village and one of the McGann brothers lives there too.

My favourite parts of this Saxon town?

A lamp post....

The fact Johnny Depp could soon be seen driving out of here.

Apparently his new home once the building work has finished. I am seriously considering moving back purely to knock on his door and say "Hi, I hear you've just moved in. Do you need a cup of sugar?"

I love this street with its stream and cool shops.

Spot my sis!
 Then we left Frome and went home. To see my parents at their home To me it will always be My Home. I love it. Every bit of it.

They salvaged Bampy's old tin bath which they found tucked away after he died and have given it a new lease of life. I found that healing. Life goes on, but we still have our memories.

We sat in mum and dad's garden for ages, drinking tea and catching up in the sun. Not done that for years without my husband or children. It was lovely.

Mum and Dad wanted us to try out their new bed. Never thought I would get bed envy. THE most confortable bed in the world, ever!

Being very silly indeed.

Sometimes I wish I still lived at home. Life seemed so much simpler then. Ooh, I've just realised I am wearing cherry tree linen trousers in the above pic, £2 from Sue Ryder. They are not at all flattering but tres comfortable.

Must dash, I am aware I haven't posted on other blogs for a few days, been hectic but will catch up soon!



Sarah said...

Love the pretty dress, very Cath K.

Ooooh, Johnny Depp how exciting!! (He's my Permitted Celebrity - you know the one person your allowed to, ahem, "flirt" with without recourse should the opportunity arise!! Mr G predictably chose Angelina!!)

Love the pic of you, Mum and Sis, love how you're holding hands!!

It must be lovely for your parents still to be living in your "home" - am tres jealous!!

S x

Country Rose said...

That dress is gorgeous. Next has some really lovely baby/kids clothes, especially the girls stuff.. it's all so pretty. In a way I'm thrilled I've had a girl first.. It's so much fun dressing her up all girly and pretty, I can get that out of my system before I have a boy, if that ever happens!
That town looks really lovely, love the way the paving stones around the lamp-post are positioned in a heart shape.. very sweet. :-)
What a lovely idea, to use the tin bath for potting up plants.. very original. That's such a lovely photo of you, your sister and mum.. you look so close and happy to be in each other's company. I so wish I had a brother or sister of my own..! Boohoo....!

Ashley xxx

fee @ chipper nelly said...

lovely post - you look so like your sister!
Ages since I've been to Bath. defo think you should pop round to Johnny and Vanessa's and welcome them to the area... be rude not to.
fee x

Tracy Glover said...

Aw, this was an ace post. I love the pic of you all and the bed is gorgeous. You and your sis are like two pretty peas in a pod and your mum looks glam too.
I like the letters on top of the dresser. I like your trews too, I used to have some a but like that.
Bath looks so gorgeous. Lovely quaint lampost. Ah, I miss the girgeous English places.
I loved your Bon Jovi post. It reminded me of my friend Dionne, from my younger days, who loves 'em. My bloke, Roman loves them too.
Imagine Johnny Depp living round the corner. Lush! xxx

Tracy Glover said...

sorry for typos, I can spell honest and just type too fast!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Gem,I love the old tin bath,I know what you mean about sometimes wishing you could go back home and have everything done for you,oh wouldnt it be loverly ,just for a little bit though!xxx

April May said...

Hi Gem, Thanks for your comments on blog sorry it's taken me a little while been hectic around here of late.
It's nice and comforting in a way to know and hear someone else understands and is going through what I am (not that I want you to but your know what I mean)
My hair is just thinning naturally, but It's fairly noticable to me, I find it hard to deal with some days more than others, I try to tell myself hey it's only hair but, as you know it's not that easy. I've actually just seen a decent doc this last week and he's sent me off for blood tests but is pretty sure it's down to my preganacy and hormones. Not put my on anything yet, how are you finding the iron tablets are they working/helping?
sorry for long ramble!

loving your blog as ever! That dress for your daughter is gorge!

ishrat said...

Good and lovely post.

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sarah said...

yes frome is lovely now love going there and i need to know where johnny depp may be living my step daughter is slightly obsessed with him and will give me brownie points ha ha she will think im the greatest x love the pic of you and your mum and sister gorgeous x

Gem said...

Ah, Frome is lush. My parents no longer live there in the house I grew up in, however the house they are in now is so fab that I still call it home!
Am def on Depp patrol next time I am home. Imagine it.
And Vanessa Paradis could teach me all the words to Joe le Taxi which was my fave song when I was 12!