Sunday, 1 May 2011

Weddings. Royal and the BETTER one!!!

Not much in the way of charity shopping this weekend but there's a good reason for it. It's been all about fab dresses, sparkling heels, champagne, good food and partying. All while celebrating the love between two people.

The Royal Wedding was lush! It really set our whole family up for my sister's wedding to her own Prince Charming the following day. By Friday evening we were whirling with excitement about Kate and Wills and what we were to enjoy the next day.

I love weddings with a real feel-good factor. Sometimes I go to ones that are lovely in their own way, but the atmosphere is somewhat lacking, or people don't gel, or hardly anyone dances at the evening do, which for me is always a shame.

Perhaps the Royal Wedding helped create even more feel-good factor than we could imagine and the wedding between Danna (as we affectionately call them as they are Danny and Anna) was wonderful and my sister looked as stunning as expected. I was so proud of her and somehow held back the tears all day although it was hard at times.

The Princess and I were her bridesmaids (although I am really the matron of honour, as six and a half years older than my sister) and it was a wonderful feeling, walking down the aisle behind my sister, with my little girlie (who is a tomboy at heart normally). We kept squeezing each other's hands during the ceremony, and although it was my daughter's fifth time as a bridesmaid (yes 5!!!), she took her position very seriously indeed.

The weather was perfect and I think my grandparents were smiling down on us all that day, ensuring all the chills and scattered showers that were forecast were blown away. We had blue skies and hot sun all day. Anna looked amazing and she and Danny are made for each other. My daughter idolises him beyond words.

Am hoping there are more photos of Anna to come, the husband didn't take too many as was watching the Prince quite a lot whilst we were involved in all the photos.

Now I have come home from two lush nights away feeling slightly flat as it has been the talking point for so many months! But now I can continue to focus on my charity shop purchases this week.

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Cuckoo said...

I'm so glad it all went beautifully. Gem you looked utterly divine. xxx