Monday, 2 May 2011

Follow up to wedding and Ladybird books

I know there are a few of you who aren't avid followers of my blog but still read it from time to time (ie during ad breaks, paint drying, want a break from Facebook), and there are some of you who asked to see more photos of Anna's wedding.

Just got hold of a few more pics which I have posted below. Then I want to waffle on about my charity shop books as promised to post up some images for nostalgia.

Still can't get over how gorgeous the weather was

The church was tiny, twinkly and romantic

Champers all round. A must in the sun

Charlotte (right) sang beautifully in the church

The funny speeches, cake, coffee and champagne is my fave bit!

Very proud of the Princess, who air guitars nearly as well as her mum

First dance

Yeah ok, now go get a room...
So there we have it! I actually enjoyed their wedding almost as much as I enjoyed my own. There was none of the pressure (other than being able to still fit in to the bridesmaid dress, which I was amazed I could do as been eating too much again) but just as much fun. We danced all night (I can actually feel muscles I didn't know I had) and all guests had been asked to request two songs so favourite tracks were played all night.

Luckily our children were in bed by 9pm and then the husband and I had three hours to ourselves. It was pure bliss. Really missing my sister who has now gone to Cornwall for a few days. Then in August they are off on a USA road trip! Tres cool.

ANYWAY, back to my love of charity books I have been collecting.

Look at the collection so far!

I keep them all in the Prince's room but need more shelves!

This was a real find as cost £2

I realised I've become a bit of an anorak with Ladybird books but I kid you not, I get the BIGGEST buzz when I find a "new" one to add to my collection. Does this not whet your appetite? Doesn't it make you remember your childhood Ladybird books?

Which ones do you remember? I wonder if I have them.

Or maybe I need to go out more!

Hoping for more charity shop clothes purchases this week and I have various possible places to visit, all with mighty fine cherry tree shops. If the weather stays this fab, I'm off to Henley as I love a riverside walk with the Prince too!

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xx home bird xx said...

Hi! What a beautiful bride - your sister too - you must have felt so proud. My sister and I both got married within two weeks of each other last year and I enjoyed her wedding more than my own!

Anyway. I love your ladybird book collection - I so remember The Big Pancake and The Magic Porridge Pot! My favourites were the Billy Goats Gruff (trip trap trip trap over the bridge etc) and Chicken Licken. Chicken Licken was my very favourite.

More excitingly though, I had a look at your profile and noticed that one of your fave films is Withnail and I. HURRAH! One of my favourites too but my husband has never seen it and I get disappointingly blank expressions if ever I quote it (which is quite often): 'We've gone on holiday by mistake!' or, when driving, 'it's a right tight-hander' etc... I really must make him watch it.

Thanks for popping over to my little blog and for your lovely comments.
Nicki x