Friday, 6 May 2011

Walk in the countryside

Today is my lucky day apparently. According to old wives' tales. Because a bird pooed on my hand this morning. With a short, hard splat.

About 10 seconds before this happened, I walked past a bramble bush which ripped a hole in one of my favourite old trust charity shop skirts. I was gutted. This skirt is nothing special at all to the eye. It's blue, it's from George at Asda originally and I bought it years ago for £2. But I wear it a lot. It's my comfort skirt.

But after today, I shall wave it goodbye forever.

We had gone for a country walk this morning, me, the Prince and the husband (who is working the late shift tonight and then all weekend) when this poo/skirt ripping happened so he took a photo as evidence.

Look at the hole and look at the bird poo. Not sure which was worse

Why does it always happen to my fave clothes?
Oh and that is me still showing the bird poo, not camping it up

But then my luck changed thanks to the bird poo and we found this nature reserve!

Complete with ducks and lake

This discovery made me happy!

Then we spotted six goslings waddling up the path

Another little family out having a walk by the lake

Then we spotted a heron in the tree! Fab!
And I really did feel that my luck had changed for the better. All this nature spotting for free. I even saw the tail end of a snake slithering into the grass - it was all very rustic and peaceful. The goslings made my day, and I was expecting the geese to warn us off but they let us creep by.

Now I am exhausted as the Princess had two friends for tea. They all fell out, made friends, ate biscuits, trashed her room, played in the garden, ate their dinner in the garden, trashed the kitchen floor and went home.

So my Friday night will now be spent pottering around picking up stuff and clearing up the aftermath. Maybe not quite so lucky getting bird poo on my hand. Can't Mary Poppins fly in and click her fingers for me?!


Cuckoo said...

Yes Mary where are you when we need you?!

Doll, don't throw the skirt away, I'll mend it for you. Maybe a little applique is in order? I know it wasn't the MOST posh etc... but it's a fave and you look so gert lush in it. Either send it to me in t'post or give it to me when we get together on either of those dates you suggested. Both days are great but at 930am we either have Mini's jabs or my regular madness appointment to check for PND signs. Oh the glamour!!!!!! Lemme know which date you prefer.

kmmms said...

I was going to say can't the skirt be mended? There must be hope if cuckoo is getting involved - she put a lovely flower over a piglet on one of Brooke's dresses once!

Madness appointments? Sorry but that made me properly laugh out loud!

I agree the skirt is lovely and the colour is great on you (as is that top, where's that from?)

Jealous of you two having a get together, wish I could teleport there!

Gem said...

Oh darn, drat and balls. Rubes and I decided to "rip the skirt off mummy" and it is now in the bin in the most enormous rip offs.

And now I have read these posts and I am wishing I wasn't so hasty......oh balls. I did love that skirt so much.

Hmmmmm.....weep. Move on. (trying).....weep. sniff...

The top was from H&M ages ago and I wish I'd bought more as LOVE it!!!!!

Oh am really annoyed now that we ripped it up. It was fun. Balls. Again.

Hope everyone having a nice evening.
x x x x

xx home bird xx said...


I'm just catching up on some blogs and I really don't want to make things worse but that skirt was gorge - it looked so comfortable!! Did a little 'yay Mrs Cuckoo!' at the mending offer and had to laugh when I read further down and you said you'd destroyed it!! Oh no!! Bet it was fun though!

Love the crocs. I own a pair too and am not ashamed to wear them for country walks, washing line trips and emergency dashes to the shops. Husband hates me wearing them so I put those jibbit things in of Dora the Explorer and stuff. Ha!!!

Nicki x