Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fat Face and too many Easter eggs

I have just come home all hot and bothered. Walked to the next village to catch a train to Reading. The husband offered to drive me in to save me catching public transport but the thought of walking a mile in and back and saving carbon footprints got me all psyched up.

I mean I really need the exercise, I've eaten all the kids' Easter eggs now. They both forgot about them and I hadn't. End of. Last night was a huge choc fest and I felt very naughty.

So now I am trying to exercise it off. So I marched the mile in with the Prince in his pushchair, caught the train, walked around Reading for three hours, got the train back, walked the mile home as fast as I could and then walked past my house and straight up to the polling station to vote.

Then I legged it home, put the Prince to bed and had a lush shower and now I feel all chilled. Plus a friend is picking up the Princess from school so I don't need to venture out.

I saw a nice dress from the British Heart Foundation today but decided not to go for it although I am now regretting it. It was a black faux wrap dress from Wallis for £6.99. Wish I'd bought it now. Blast.

Today I am wearing a lush Fat Face skirt which I bought from the British Heart Foundation in Windsor. I wear it a lot. It's green and yellow and very spring like. The only pics I have of me wearing it are below. I wore it to wave off my beloved sister when she went travelling last year. I also wore it on a picnic two weeks ago which you can just see below.

My Fat Face skirt and my Hush Puppy shoes
The skirt was £4 and the shoes were £3!

Picnic by the river two weeks ago. In the Fat Face skirt. Again.
I must get an early night as am so tired. The Prince is teething and I was feeding him at 7pm, 11pm and 1.30am and felt like death this morning. Tomorrow the husband is on a late shift so I am going to entice him to Henley for a walk by the river. Oh, and a fly by all the charity shops!

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xx home bird xx said...

Hi! Who knew you had to clean out the water for tadpoles! I thought they thrived quite happily in ponds/rivers/streams etc. Sounds like you had particularly high maintenance ones - the Victoria Beckhams of the frog world. Hope your daughter isn't too upset.

Your skirt looks gorge; I think it's really hard to find a pretty floral pattern that looks fresh and summery without being too sickly sweet but you've nailed it. A random charity shop find too - well done you! I love the black top with it - stylish.

I bought a children's 'learn to crochet' kit! The equipment in the box is v basic but the instructions are really good! I also looked at the tutorials on the blogs by Attic 24 and Do You Mind if I Knit - they have fab photos. Have a look. You are so lucky having such a lovely friend who knows how to crochet and will show you. I don't know a single person who can crochet. There aren't even crochet lessons near me - rubbish! My life would be complete if I could go to a crochet club once a week; the kind you read about in books where the women are all lovely and bring cake with them. Sigh.

Lots of the people I know tease me about my little hobbies (mostly telling me I'm square). I love that I've found people in blogland who are into the same things as me and are totally fabulous!

Haven't I waffled on. Sorry.