Sunday, 15 May 2011

My big fat Greek dessert (and a teething son)

Being ill sucks. I am still very tired now but back with far more energy than I had three days ago.

I do, however, have a little boy by my side at this very moment saying over and over again "Booby, booby, booby". And he is two next month. Do not ask. It's becoming like the "Bitty" scene in Little Britain and is crazy.

Wish I knew how to stop his obsession with me and boobies. I've never had any one so obsessed and it's sweet one minute and a little peculiar the next. My brother calls him Oedipus...

He is teething (my son, not my brother!) and is troublesome at the moment. Nights are bad, I am sleep deprived, he is crying far more than I would like in the evenings. It ain't all a walk in the park.

And here he is at bath time tonight which was very stressful. See the new teeth coming through?

It is always made worse when his big sister laughs at it all

But they do love each other really

The Princess went to her school disco on Friday. I was so proud of her. She looked utterly beautiful and is turning into a very gorgeous little girl. She danced non stop and came home on a high, bless her!

I puffed up with pride as I took this photo

In her lovely new skirt from my dear friend Kerry

Kerry also sent her this Boden t-shirt which she found in a charity shop. Love it!

Talking of charity shops, I have bought the Princess the below Uttam t-shirt which was £1.50 from Helen & Douglas House Hospice in Henley-on-Thames. I love Uttam clothes, I am always drawn to the stunning colours and patterns.

Perfect for an Indian summer perhaps.
And I was delighted to find myself the below skirt from Dorothy House for £6.99. It's also a Uttam design and I am thrilled with it.

You'd never lose anyone in a crowd if they are wearing Uttam!

And tomorrow I am walking the children to school (a mile) to get the exercise, dropping off the Princess, then rushing to catch the train to Henley-on-Thames so the Prince and I can enjoy some messy play outside of the home (phew! No clearing up necessary) and I can use the opportunity to quickly browse the cherry tree shops while I am there.

I don't like to do it for long if I have the children with me (which is constantly!) so I limit myself to 20 mins in total for all the shops. It's not fair on them and it's boring. My obsession with charity shops is my enjoyment, not theirs.

Just about to settle down for the evening now with the husband after a busy but wonderful weekend. My lovely friend came to stay for two nights and we went out to a Greek restaurant last night while the husband stayed at home. We had a lovely time and scoffed our own weight in food. We drank gin and tonics in a pub which was full of people in fancy dress which was a little odd. Then we went to the restaurant and ate a selection of Meze, then over-ordered on the desserts and practically rolled home.

She is the easiest guest ever and always a delight to have over. She lives by the sea in Whitstable and we go to visit her next month and can't wait. It's FULL of charity shops, cup cake shops, tea rooms and vintage stalls and my idea of heaven. We eat crab sticks and ice creams the whole time and she had a non-stop supply of chocolate at the house (which is right on the sea front so we always sleep well). I cannot count down the days fast enough. The children look it there and although my friend doesn't want children of her own, she mucks in so much with mine so it is like a little holiday.

I shall be a whale this summer as can't stop eating, but in a way, this is why I am still fairly happy to breast feed. I eat Gu desserts, knowing my son will drain me of the calories.

Hee Hee!


Lavender lace said...

How do you do it, when I go into these shops I come out with nothing near as wonderful as you! You are a real clothes detective. Can I come hunting with you

xx home bird xx said...

Are you better? It's been quiet on my blog without you! (although Mrs Cuckoo has helped keep the chat up :-)) I have never heard of the Uttam design before - isn't it pretty! Your daughter is beautiful, she obviously takes after her Mum. I used to love school discos and would dance non-stop too. Those were the days.

You and Mrs Cuckoo do make me laugh with your photos of your distressed children! Ha ha! Poor little boy! And his sis is laughing at him too!

Here's where I get my hearts:

Nicki xx

(PS... I found your other (older?) blog on Mrs Cuckoo's blog list the other day. Loved it. Why did you stop writing that one? Do you still write for that magazine/newspaper?)

Gem said...

Nicki love,
I totally lost the password and email account details for my sex blog which is such a shame. Need to find the time to keep that one up too!!!
And Lavender Lace (you lovely lady!) I would love to shop with you if you lived nearer! Ah, we could have so much fun. When I go with my mum, I find nothing and she finds me LOADS!
Hope you are well
x x x