Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sleepy not grungey

I went to bed at 10.15pm last night, to read for a little while and then catch some Zzzzzzz. But at 11pm just as my brain felt like it was entering that weird feeling before you drift off, the boob-obsessed Prince woke up crying. Ten minutes later it turned into screaming.

Husband came home "early" at 11.30pm to find me on the sofa, looking rather disgruntled in an AWFUL powder blue terry towelling dressing gown that does NOTHING for me (Gok Wan would take his scissors to it and have a slashing field day. Yes, it's that bad). The Prince was guzzling away like a fat piglet drains a sow so I wasn't the most cheerful, welcoming wife, it has to be said.

Today I was going to go to Woodley, where there are three of my favourite cherry tree shops, but I had a long chat with KMMMS, then a doc's appointment (I want to get my iron levels tested), then another long phone call, hoovered the place within an inch of its life, realised we had no milk, nipped out to get some (with the Prince choosing to lie on the floor in Waitrose and trip everyone up) and then put a load of washing out on the line and now have some freelance work to do.

So cherry tree shopping isn't going to happen today. However, I intend to make up for it at the weekend. Oh yes. The Princess and I like to escape from the men occasionally  and have tea and cake in a cafe and look in all the cherry tree shops. The Prince presses his nose to the front door and sobs when we leave; it does break my heart, but then I am way too soft with him. He needs to seriously "man up", as the Princess told him loudly at my sister's wedding (and this is probably all captured on the DVD!)

In terms of cherry tree shop offerings,  I would like to show case these today if you please. I bought these Doc Marten shoes from Kilburn in London, while visiting the very lush friend KMMMS. I gave her that nickname, it is the most random name ever, but somehow it weirdly stuck!

I hope she can remind me exactly which cherry tree shop it was...but I remember they cost £5.99 and I ummed and ahhhed for ages. They aren't glam, they aren't even particularly pretty (if at all), but they are so comfortable and I could walk miles in them.

I have always loved Doc Martens. I have worn them since I was about 13 and am nearly 36 now and STILL get drawn to them in shops. In terms of Doc Marten boots, I own a black pair, a burgundy pair and a brown suede pair.

In shoe terms, I own the above ones, a pale pink pair which I love and also the below pair which I admit I bought new and have never worn because they need breaking in. They give me blisters as soon as I try to walk in them. Any tips?

I know with Doc Marten boots the old advice was to stand them in a bucket of wee and belt them with a hammer, but I am less grungey these days...

For the rockabilly in me
My friend Tracy is one of those rockabilly types and she would LOVE these shoes. She has tattooes, wears bright red lipstick and has her hair like a 50s film star. And wears loads of animal print and 50s dresses.

Her husband has a quiff and they stand out a mile and I love them for it. I love seeing photos of them at friends' weddings as the bride and groom are always in tattooes, with bright red hair or quiffs and all the guests are very alternative too.

I fantasise about being a rockabilly gal but don't really want tattooes although they look great on Tracy. She has huge ones on her back, flowers on her arms, she is an illustrated woman!

Right, must crack on with the freelance job!


kmmms said...

Oxfam Kilburn High Road! ;)

Grateful4Crochet said...

love the "cherry tree" expression!!!!
am so going to go cherry tree shopping over the weekend!!!!
love your blog

xx home bird xx said...

Man up! Ha ha! Love that saying. I always wanted a pair of the cherry red DM boots. I have also always wanted a tattoo but had my belly button pierced in my early twenties and nearly fainted so doubt I could have handled a 'tat'! Ha!! (I stopped wearing naval jewellery YEARS ago, might I add...)

Sooo busy at work this week - I work in Finance as an Exec Assistant (PA to a big cheese, LOL). Nothing fancy or exciting but I love it. Have I read somewhere that you and Cuckoo are having a get together this weekend? I can imagine the laughs that you two must have! By the way, that bottle from the health shop in one of your last posts - where from? Gorgeous and I want one.

Nicki xx

Gem said...

I think you can get the bottles of drink from most health food shops. Try Holland & Barrett Nicki.
Cuckoo and I got together today, so will post up some pics later!!We both said we want to meet up with you because reckon it would be a laugh!
xx x

Cuckoo said...

Lover, unless Nicky specifically pops back to this post and reads the comments then she wont know you left the above for her. Best to email or leave a comment on her post.

God I loved seeing you today. I miss my girls badly!