Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A freckle and a new top

It is so hot today that I fell asleep in the garden and the tan topped itself up magnificently. But it also means the freckle on my nose becomes more noticeable. The husband loves it and thinks it is cute. I am fairly nonplussed but do get slightly irked if strangers go to "wipe a bit of mud" off my nose. Grrrrrr.

"It's a freckle!" the husband and I say, in that same voice it Brian Connolly, who says "It's a puppet!" Does anyone actually know what I am talking about?

Anyway, the weather means I can wear my latest charity shop top. I bought it from Oxfam in the next town to our village last week. I'd gone to take back the Phase Eight "weddingy" dress I'd mentioned in a previous post and came out with this little beauty.  Please note I aim to buy a white vest top to go with it at some point, I am a little too boobilicious without one underneath!

The Princess took this photo five mins ago
Talking of all things boobs, I've just been to my breastfeeding group. I was hoping to train to be a breastfeeding network supporter but the 12 week course was typically on the one day I work so I am waiting for the next one.

It's normally fairly quiet but it was jam packed with newborns today. One woman has just had her sixth baby (she is only a year older than me.....gulp) and another was breastfeeding her fourth baby, having never tried it before, which was great.

I felt rather relieved that I wasn't there as a new mum. I think I like to help mums and their newborns without the sleep deprivation and the Prince is fairly good these days, apart from the light evenings affecting his bedtime routine. I need a velcro blackout blind pronto.

Anyway, the breastfeeding group is next to four BRILLIANT charity shops so I use it as a good excuse to seek out more treasures. Sadly though, I merely donated a huge sackful today and didn't have time to browse as the school run was looming.

Still, I am off into Reading tomorrow and there are some fairly good ones there so looking forward to a browse.

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