Thursday, 26 May 2011

Here comes the sun (wishful thinking)

Oh today is just such a gross day that the Prince and I decided not to even bother going shopping. I was washing windows at 7am in my dressing gown (how very Dot Cotton) and by 9.30am I simply had no energy to venture out in the wet.

The Prince is asleep and I am writing my blog now so I don't end up having a late night writing. Which is what normally happens.

So what can I do today? I've washed as many windows as I can be bothered to and now this awaits me.

Yes I have ten books to get through. Most of them I have started too, so it gets a little bit stressful. So I have decided to see how many I can read until the end of the year, but one at a time. I've just started the book by Melissa Hill (third from the bottom) and its full of twists and I can't put it down. I love books like that. So I've made myself a huge mug of boiled water (good for the skin and that!) and am cosying down to read it. With a Cherry Bakewell, natch.

The husband is watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, which we Sky Plus. It is hilarious and I love Larry David. I knew the husband wouldn't get in the garden, it's pouring.
The pink wisteria is all coming down now. It's been spectacular and I feel sad that it is all vanishing from the pergola. Having said that, it has carpeted the patio and garden in pink petals, and looks so pretty. It keeps blowing into the house though and is starting to irk me, if I'm honest.

Confetti garden

The Cherry Tree item I would like to showcase today is the below black jersey top from Banana Republic (£2 Sue Ryder). It will look great with jeans and will hopefully be a staple part of my wardrobe.

Not terribly inspiring just hung up but
I do think I will get lots of wear out of it

I love Banana Republic, when I can afford it
 Right, it's time to crack on with the book, while I have peace from the boy. It's weird though, he sleeps for two hours and I actually start to miss him and wait impatiently for him to wake some days, just so I can see him. Such a lovely little boy. He is obsessed with his big sister and the whole house is very quiet until she gets back from school. She is my Pippi Longstocking!

Like a squealing piglet!



Cuckoo said...

Keep an eye out for the post man tomorrow x

xx home bird xx said...

Ha! It makes me laugh when you add a post to correct a typo - so obvious you're a writer! Love it.

I want to write a long post because I loved your photos yesterday and there's a lot going on chez Cherry Tree but I'm rushing to get stuff packed. I'll be back for a proper long catch up over the weekend. Would be so great if we all lived near each other for a wine and a gossip. Time would fly.

Have a fab weekend!

Nicki x

(PS HOW exciting is Cuckoo's ^^ post ^^ I hope you know what she's on about... one of my friends would absolutely NO WAY get away with saying that and working me into a frenzy if I didn't know what was on its merry way to me!)

kmmms said...

That is a big pile of books! I keep starting books and then getting distracted with crochet projects so not getting through many at the moment.

Have passed the Kreativ award onto you my love, I just know you've got heaps of cool facts about yourself to share!