Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Broody mum wants a baby. Without the tiredness or weight gain...

The Princess is loving her new cherry tree clothes. The top was £1.50 from Helen & Douglas House (originally Next) and the skirt was £3 from Oxfam (originally Monsoon).

The two don't necessarily go together but she loves them so I am happy!

The kids have been really well behaved today and I am feeling very broody. When they are easy like this, I could have a dozen more. If only I didn't put on at least three stone each time!

I have just been looking at photos my friend has posted up of her triplets. She looks so happy, with her dear little girls. She waited such a long time to have them and I think she is possibly the happiest girl in the world, albeit tired.

And this afternoon I went to my weekly breastfeeding class. My son was the oldest "baby" there by two years (other than his "mate" Seb who is another Bitty type boy). The youngest baby today was 13 days old and the whole room had that gorgeous milky smell. I just love the first few weeks with a newborn baby. The sleep deprivation is a killer, but to me it's the best part, those first precious weeks.  Then of course the baby grows and you get the rest - challenging behaviour, sick bugs, tummy bugs, teething, potty training, tantrums etc. And that's the bit that puts me off if I'm honest!

But I truly loved being pregnant (apart from the aches and pains). A friend took these photos of me when I was expecting/had the Prince. Just let me indulge myself for a few moments as he is two in a couple of weeks and I can't believe he's no longer a baby...

I was six months pregnant here

I seriously didn't believe I would get any bigger

But no, I did. This was me at eight months. Yikes!

And out popped the 6lb 15oz why WAS my bump so huge?!
(Ah, yes, I overdosed on Almond Magnums!)

I loved this stage so much, when it's like cuddling a puppy!

OK, moving on. The husband is off tomorrow, having worked ridiculous hours as usual, so I thought it would be nice if we could do something as he is going out in the evening to the village pub quiz with my friend's hubby. I was thinking a romantic walk in the country, a pub lunch, a nice catch up together (with the Prince but he is no trouble and would just potter around).

But no,  the dear, sweet husband has chosen to do boring tasks at home like mow the lawn and tidy up the garden dare he!!! So I have decided to take the Prince shopping. I make sure I do nice things for the Prince and not just for me as it's no fun to be in a pushchair while your mother spends hours rooting through the clothes rails. We always go by train as he loves it, then hit loads of toy shops first, he gets  to run around and then we go outside and he chases the pigeons ("piggins mum, piggins"), then we ride the great glass elevator at John Lewis, and then he gets a cake and a drink.

Then ideally he falls asleep in his pushchair and then I hit a couple of cherry tree shops!

So let my husband do his gardening, but on his head be it. He could have saved so much money with a simple pub lunch, the fool...

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Grateful4Crochet said...

Your photos are so beautiful, and now I feel clucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!