Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Another Tuesday out of the way!

I survived Evil Tuesday. Actually it went far smoother today. The day started at 5am and I fed the Prince for an hour but then he went back to sleep in his cot until just before 7am. Then he and I were ready by 7.30am and I took out all the bins and the garden waste and the two boxes of recycling before the Princess woke up.

Work was fine today, not too busy, a nice gentle flow of patients and no one spoke to me as if I am a thick receptionist (I do get it occasionally). Sometimes I am seething inside and feel like saying "I am actually a writer you know, this is just a very part time job to bring in more pocket money for my cherry shop treasures." But I have a feeling they wouldn't care.

And by 5.15pm this evening, the kids had eaten the leftovers of last night's chicken casserole with dumplings and mash and I'd washed up. Mine is all plated up ready to shovel down in front of the TV now that they are both in bed and we have exhausted a zillion books. I ate at 4.45pm last night and I didn't like it. I was starving by 8pm again!

On cherry tree purchases, I'd like to show case the toys I've bought for the kids.

A girl always needs a Bagpuss (the old fat furry catpuss was £4 from Oxfam)

Bagpuss loves sleeping on this piece of patchwork which was made for the Princess
 (and I painted the fairy painting!)

I painted this when the Princess was two

I bought this Care Bear from Barnados (£1.50)
The Princess had been desperate for one so I was chuffed!

I bought this wooden fire engine from Oxfam for £4.99.
It was originally from Hamley's and the kids love it
So the children do very well out of cherry tree shops too. The above fire engine has a roof and three other firemen to go with it. Probably one of my top bargains!

I have finished my latest freelance writing job. It was for a company called Name Art and I love what Charis, the founder,  creates. See the below piece of art that I had commissioned for the Prince as a christening present.  Name Art put words into pictures and is very clever. Even Dannii Mingue is a fan! All the animals have words to create their shape (double click on the photo for a better view).

See the picture from Name Art on the wall in the Prince's room.
While he plays with his cherry tree fire engine. Perfect timing son!

The Prince loves Floppy the £5 rocking donkey from Oxfam (originally Harrods)
I am off to my breastfeeding group tomorrow lunchtime (I must be the only mum who goes who is trying to STOP breastfeeding!) It's very sociable and I am itching for the next training session to begin so I can become a breastfeeding support volunteer.

Right, the chicken casserole awaits me. Followed by a Double Decker (my drug of choice!)


kmmms said...

Ooh LOVING that fire engine toy, so cool.
I went to PDSA Kilburn High Road yesterday and got some gorgeous clothes for my friend Liz's baby - a Liberty of London gorgeous printed smocked top and a Sergent Major romper suit in the most beautiful print. Total of £3.50.

I am most inspired by the stuff you find for yourself. I have to admit I make a beeline for the kids section and rarely take the time to look for stuff for myself! Let's rectify this soon! Maybe I can come to you on a Friday when I just have the one bairn to bring along and you can show me the delights round your way? Would that work? xx

Cuckoo said...

I'll come too!!!!!!!!

Love the fairy! Is reminiscent of that lovely mermaid you painted for a competition to win a bunny ;oD


xx home bird xx said...

Great fairy painting - love it! Well done you. Is this the first crafty thing you've posted? Love the Name Art - very clever. One of my friends has just had a baby and she loves this type of art, it would be a great gift. I'll check it out.

I am looking forward to the day when we can afford for me to work for pocket money rather than to survive. It won't be any time soon, that's for sure. Especially not whilst we're living in an old house that needs something doing every five minutes (current problem is that the conservatory roof is leaking and the clematis is snaking its way through a crack in the roof and into the room. Grr).

Love the photos of you and Cuckoo on Cuckoo's blog. You girls, having lunch and coffee and being all fabulous.

Nicki xx