Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Floral attire and snoozing in Laura Ashley...

I have found this beautiful Mistral skirt in the British Heart Foundation shop for £4. It is so smooth and velvety that I am almost willing the autumn on so I can wear it with my brown suede knee boots (they were charity treasures too, and I will feature them in another post).

My mum and I have similar taste in clothes these days (I couldn't imagine it in my late teens when I was going through a grungy, hippy phase). She buys her clothes from Mistral, Hobbs, Laura Ashley and I get all these labels but from charity shops.

Laura Ashley! I have just had a flashback of being very young and the whole of my family (the five of us) going on a shopping expedition in Bath. Mum would announce she only wanted to go to one shop which was Laura Ashley. But boy, it was a long hour spent in that one shop.

My siblings and I, along with my dad, would sit down on one of their nice big floral sofas and my dad would eventually fall asleep while my mum tried on every dress in the shop. Then leave empty handed. It happened every time.

Even now I get nervous when we go shopping and she says "I am happy to go to as many shops as you like, but I would also like to quickly pop into Laura Ashley."

She has never to this day quickly popped into Laura Ashley!

I haven't found any Laura Ashley garments for me in charity shops yet, but I did buy the Princess the cutest floral dress last summer and this year a gorgeous embroidered cardigan.

Very excited as I have a new client who wants me to help write material for a new website. The day has had a happy ending (this morning and last night was dreadful, I barely slept thanks to a certain almost two-year-old and then slept through and the school run was stressful to say the least).

The kids are very sweet though at the moment and I can't be cross with them for long.

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xx home bird xx said...

Ha! My Mum loved Laura Ashley too and I hated going into that shop because she would also take ages. I remember she went through a stage of buying these floral dresses with enormous puff sleeves - they looked like bridesmaid dresses but she would go out for dinner and drinks in them with my Pa. I remember even when I was very young thinking how OTT they were... ha!