Monday, 23 May 2011

A day to treasure

I have had a pretty productive morning on the cherry tree shopping front today, although I was feeling rough when I woke at 5.50am by a wailing son, demanding his fix that only I can offer him (note to self: really need to wean him off, before he's an adult and the Bitty scene from Little Britain is re-created).

For some reason, I just woke feeling utterly drained and ill. I had no energy at all. Even after eating breakfast, I couldn't snap out of it. Some mornings are like this, although not very often, and I am trying to work out if it is caused by something I eat the day before. But because I am always eating, it's pretty hard to pin point.

Anyway, I shoved on some No.7 Awakening Eye Gel and things vaguely improved. Until I stepped outside the front door with the kids for the school run, and the gale force wind brutally whipped up my hair into a massive frizz. Whip My Hair by Willow Smith has since been the theme tune of the day. Only she can get away with it, I can't.

So, after dropping off the Princess at school, the Prince and I popped to a nearby town and I found this little beauty in Barnados. A flowing summer skirt from Monsoon. It reminds me of 70s caravan curtain material and I love it already. How on earth could someone part with it?

Not a bad price, it's in great condition
Spot my whipped up hair. And the red potty. And my stalker...

I got the cardigan from the same cherry tree shop, it was only £2 and originally New Look. I really love the colour but there's NO hope of it ever fastening up over my boobs! I just need the right vest top to go with the skirt and cardigan. It's my next mission!

Then I nipped into Oxfam and came across the below skirt within about ten seconds. It is originally from George at Asda and beautifully made. I would have guessed it was more expensive than it was.

I love the flouncy tiers, it's elegant and emo all rolled into one!

It's a good price for such a nice skirt, in my humble opinion
I then went back to Barnardos to buy the below top which I'd ummd and ahhd about. It's originally from Esprit and is nice and simple, yet with a flourish of flowers at the neckline. Sweet.

Never been so pleased with a simply grey top. Must get out more...

I love the flowers around the neckline. Did I already mention this?!

See what I mean about my stalker! He is ALWAYS there, bless him!

And what does the Prince get up to while I am photographing my latest cherry tree treasures? He goes through all the wicker boxes of love letters and memorabilia between me and the husband (yes it looks like a lot of letters and stuff, but we have spent 15 years together and we are both writers, mind!) And our son trashes the lot in one fell swoop! Still it kept him quiet for five whole minutes.

"Stalker? Who? Me?"
And tomorrow is Evil Tuesday again. Why does it crop up so quickly? It's not the job I dislike, it's the madness of the morning before I even get into work, and then the madness afterwards.

But then it will be Wednesday and I have a lovely friend coming over to scoff cake while her twins play with my boy. They all get on well, it's cute.


Grateful4Crochet said...

Nice scores!!!Well done, they're lovely.
Good luck with Evil Tuesday

Cuckoo said...

Naughty Prince!!!!

Have a look at this crochet link to spur you on. She is a lefty too.