Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A spot of shopping with the boy

Just got back from Reading. I hate shopping in Reading - think it's mainly because I've lived in Bath and Oxford, two of the most beautiful cities in the UK and have been spoiled with the architecture. In Reading it is all doom and gloom and I prefer Windsor but today, it was just easier to nip into Reading. The town always makes me think of Ricky Gervais in The Office and Slough is only down the road!

The Prince was a good little boy this morning, so I treated him to a gingerbread man and myself to a cappucino and a buttered, toasted tea cake after we had visited a few shops.

We took the train because he is obsessed with "choo choos" and it's worth it just to watch his little face light up. Typical boy, his fave words are "choo choo" and "digger" which he gets very animated about.

In a post about my Fat Face charity shop skirt a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned I often wear the skirt with my Hush Puppies (also charity).

Here they are all in their beige glory! They are so comfy and I wear them alot.

A bargain (£3 ) from Oxfam in Frome

Another recent bargain from Oxfam in Henley, a £4.99 Debenhams skirt.
Ignore the creases, I never iron. Ever...
Am a little annoyed with myself though as intended to go to the health food shop while in Reading to buy another bottle of the below. It is a gorgeous, if somewhat unusual drink,  and the bottle makes a stunning vase. Up until recently, I had some orchids in there and they looked really pretty.

My brother travels to Arizona a lot on business and always sees these bottles for sale. Aren't they cute? I think I bought this while up in Beverley, East Yorkshire, while staying with the inlaws.

I just love the blossom. Am a sucker for pink flowers!

Just found this pic taken in the summer last year. Look far right
and you will see the bottle/vase filled with orchids!

We are having tea at my friend's tonight, so it will be nice not to have to cook. I've got leftovers of spag bol which I can eat later on when we are home and the kids are in bed and there will be some left for the husband when he gets in at 11pm. He eats so late, it worries me. Can't be good for his digestive system. He didn't get to bed until 3am this morning so once again we are ships passing.

Tonight I want to run a nice deep bubble bath and finish my book "An Overcrowded Marriage" by Veronica Henry. Chick lit at its best. Then I have a thriller set on the Isle of Wight and can't wait for that.


kmmms said...

You should publish a Cherry Tree Shoppers Guide Gem! You could list all the best charity shops for hunters like us, publish it and make a fortune, all to go towards more treasures of course! x

Cuckoo said...

I bought a white skirt in a cherry tree shop the other day! A bargainous £3.99 but, well, I'll save my cock up story that's related to it for a blog post (of course I'll link back to you as my inspiration in order to send people over) wasn't such a bargoon after all.

By the way BLUDDIES? Bloody bloodies bluddies. Nooooo Bloddies please! Far less gory.

2 sleeps!!!!!!!!!! Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!! Heart is skipping.