Friday, 27 May 2011

And the winner is...

Ooh I got meself a blog award! How lovely. It comes from the very dear KMMMS at which is one blog I love.  Very kind of her!

Apparently I have to reveal ten facts about myself. Here goes!

1. I once got chatted up and propositioned by 60s singer Adam Faith, during an interview I did with him.

2. Until I had my tonsils out, I did the best goat/sheep impression known to humanity.

3. I have never watched Back to the Future or Ghostbusters.

4. I once had a fling with a Turkish waiter. When we met, he could only say "Please may I take your plate?"   But it was enough!

5. After having my appendix out, I shared a hospital room with the real life best friend of Hilda Ogden (actress Jean Alexander) and we became penpals.

6. I once smoked a twiglet at a party. It was just how you would imagine a Marmite fag to taste.

7. I love hospital food. And plane food. And any food really. Just not faggots or liver.

8. I am Queen of Consumer Rights. I will point out if I haven't received good service/products (but likewise I thank them if it's a good service). I once wrote to a well-known restaurant chain to compain about poor service and a slightly burned meal. They offered us a free meal and I asked if we could go to a London branch instead as we were going to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We walked in to find every member of staff lining up to shake hands with us, free Champagne on ice, a bouquet of red roses, told to "order whatever you want from the menu, never mind how expensive", and on our table was a huge wedding anniversary card, signed by all the staff. We were then watched all afternoon by very bemused diners who wondered who the hell we were!

9. I write a sex and relationships column in a magazine and once took part in an erotic photoshoot. I hated the photographs so much, I cried all the way home!

10. A friend and I queued for 24 hours (without a coat or water) and wangled a police escort to a Bon Jovi concert.

How totally random!

I would like to pass the Kreativ Blogger Award to the following wonderful blogs:

My cherry shop treasure that I would like to show today are these gorgeous, comfy Camper shoes which cost £4.99 from Barnardo's.

I love the wedge heel and they are in great condition, in fact, I really should wear them more often. They tend to be my autumn shoe of choice.


Anonymous said...

Oh,well done on your award Gem,how lovely you deserve it.So funny,I tried to leave a comment the other day ,but blogger was playing up,You crack me up laughing with 'the stalker' and bitty mummy ,lol... have a great bank holiday.juliexx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Thank you!
Have a lovely bank holiday.

xx home bird xx said...

Thanks for my award, I feel like a proper blogger now!! Back from my travels to the North East and catching up on some blogs with a cuppa before Paris in the morn. Loved your ten facts, espesh the Turkish waiter one. Lol! My husband is exactly the same for complaining when he isn't happy - I am the exact opposite and will happily say that my meal is delicious when it's rank. Big old coward, me.