Tuesday, 17 May 2011

♥ Hearts ♥

I am loving my recent charity shop purchase. This gorgeous top was £4.99 from the British Heart Foundation in Wokingham. It is a French Connection wrap top - rather an unusual wrap top actually and I love it!

It has a big sash which you wrap around.

Wokingham is FAB for swish charity shops because it's quite a well to do area. And I saw the actor Nicholas Hoult (from Skins, About A Boy etc) outside Argos once. Not that Argos is swish, mind. Anyway, I bought the Prince the sweetest traditional navy blue wool duffle coat (£3, originally M&S) for when he starts school (not for years but I couldn't resist it).  I also discovered a gorgeous little shop tucked down an alley last time I went and can't believe I'd not found it sooner.

It is called Antique Rose  http://www.antiquerose.co.uk/ and is by far my current favourite shop. I could spend hours (and hundreds of pounds in there). It's not particularly pushchair friendly but it oozes with everything I love! I sent my friend Cuckoo a couple of little gifts from there as she loves Cath Kidston and all things hearts. Next time she comes to see me, I feel we should go to Wokingham for lunch and a mooch. There is a great cafe called The Courtyard (www.thecourtyardwokingham.com/) which always makes me feel like we are on holiday and the waiters are brilliant with my children.

Onto other things, today was Evil Tuesday (yes, a week has passed already). I was feeding the Prince from 4am-5am this morning, then up at 7.30am to do the breakfast, took out the bins and recycling, then left the crying Prince with an exhausted hubby who'd not got home from work til gone 2am.

Then the Princess and I marched briskly to school (about a mile), I dropped her off and legged it to work. By 9am I felt I'd done a day's work. Then at 3pm the husband came with the Prince and dropped him off with me so he could travel to London to do an 8 hour shift and I did the school run. Neither of us are in the best of moods on a Tuesday afternoon!

The Prince was back on the naughty step within ten minutes of arriving home. I think he is being naughty on purpose as when I told him to go on the naughty step, he shrieked with delight and giggled. Didn't last long though.

Oh yes, he thinks the Naughty Step is a game

Starting to dawn on him...

Enough already

Really NOT finding it funny any longer!
Whereas my peach of a princess was happily working on the computer, playing games on her school website and emailing a school friend who has moved to the States. She has just had a wonderful school report and we are very proud.

We are currently reading the box set of Malory Towers and she announced last night that she would like to go to boarding school. I reminded her that I would miss her too much to let that happen and that no one else would rub her back and read her bedtime stories like I do....so she decided to stay where she was!

She knows more about computers than I do!
Had a lovely long chat with my sister tonight and then another long one with my Mum. Dad doesn't know what on earth we talk about for so long cos we all speak most days! Looking forward to seeing my sister and parents for the Prince's second birthday at the beginning of next month. We've decided on a small family party again while we can still get away with it. Then we are all going to snuggle down and watch my sister's wedding DVD. She used the same company as me so I am all excited!

She and her husband are going to stay the night after the party and I can't wait for that. It always gets really silly and we regress back to childhood, while the men look on tutting! Hee hee!


Cuckoo said...

Ah yes I love my heart gifts! I blogged about them a few weeks ago, did you see? Excited abut Friday lover!!!! x x x

xx home bird xx said...

Crikey, I thought my Tuesday was evil. Not a patch on yours. You had the perfect opportunity in this blog to do one of those little hearts you asked me about...

Gorgeous photo of you, who takes them for you? I have to do mine in the mirror and feel a bit of a wally. Look at your little Prince, he's adorable. Soon got fed up of the naughty step! Your little girl is a cheerful little soul isn't she. Just delightful.

Nicki xx

Gem said...

I often get the Princess to take the pics Nicki, and when she simply can't be bothered, I do them on a timer but they often come out rubbish! And Cuckoo, I did see the mention of my hearts on the blog, so glad you like them. MUST take you to that shop!!! x x