Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bargains and sleeping children - hoorah!

Another Evil Tuesday nearly out of the way. Actually it was fine today because I didn't have the school run, recycling and emptying of bins to contend with.
The Prince woke at 6am, I fed him til 6.30am and decided to try to put him back in his cot...and he fell asleep and didn't wake until 9.45am!
I had to wake the Princess at 8.45am, just as I was leaving the house to go to work too. She was sleeping like a proper princess. Like this (this pic was taken on NYE a few years ago).

I absolutely love to watch her sleep. She's beautiful.

Work was fine today and now I am home to blog briefly. Hubby has put out all the washing, done loads of gardening and has now gone to do a weekly shop, bless him, AND wants to cook tonight. What a legend.  I do like him being off work for a week!

In other news, recent cherry tree purchases are as follows.

I bought this Pokemon thing for 99p from Oxfam for the Princess. I have no idea what it is, or what you do with it, but she loves it. She pretends she is a businesswoman when she uses it!

The Princess once had all four Tweenies which were donated to her by a friend. Then I realised she didn't play with them so got rid of two (Bella and Fizz) just to free up space when we lived in a flat. Then one day she got back into them so we scoured cherry tree shops for a long time (months) to build up the collection once more. Finally we found both Fizz and Bella in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The search was over.

Hey hey, they are ready to play (sorry)

The Prince doesn't watch telly at all, he is simply too busy in the garden (in all weathers) so has no idea who the Tweenies are. But I caught the Princess dressing them up the other day and I was pleased to see the Tweenies reunited once more.

 I also bought the below book. I actually judged a book by its cover. I only bought it because it looks so fab. How very shallow.

The Prince is stirring from a late nap so I must go now. Keep thinking of Home Bird and wishing I was in Paris!!!! How romantic!


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Cuckoo said...

Your husband is a legend. Mines a lazy bugger! I don't think he has cooked in 5 and a half years. The other day he asked where the hoover was!! Same place it's been for years. But I guess he does mow the lawn every week which takes two and a half hours. I'd NEVER do that so I shouldn't grumble.