Sunday, 29 May 2011

Flummoxed and foamy

I have some questions my lovelies.

1. Why has my Followers list declined to show me names of my followers? I can see the word Followers but no names...hmmm odd.

2. Why do I have a screw driver sign next to some of my gadgets?

3. Why, when I have to type in the code word (before leaving a message on someone else's blog), is there a wheelchair sign????

I am flummoxed by all this.

No cherry tree shopping today. I had a lovely lie-in until 10am and then made a picnic lunch and we went out all day in a huge forest, building a little shelter and generally enjoying the fresh air.

Therefore I would like to show you this necklace which I bought recently from Barnardo's. It was £1.99 and it glitttered at me, with its pretty pastel coloured sparkly gems. I am a sucker for gems. And as if luck would have it, my name is Gem!

The husband is off all week which is lush as he is currently bathing the kids, something he rarely gets to do so I am using the time to blog! I've also made food for us to have later. We are having ham and egg cuplets (and I sauteed some mushrooms - sorry Cuckoo I know you hate them - and sliced potatoes) with the remainder of the fab couscous salad left over from yesterday. And a berry crumble which is still piping hot. Lush!

Want to see the kids in bath action? The Princess has made the Prince look like a foamy unicorn and I don't think he is all that happy!

He seemed happy at this point...

Then it dawned on him that it was heading for his eye...

Oh dear. Well man up son, you'll be fine!

The cheeky girl tried to do this on the Prince too!
And lastly here is a photo of me with my sister. I am wearing my favourite tunic top ever, and it ripped recently right across the seam. I nearly binned it. Then Cuckoo came to the rescue. She sewed it, fixed it, strengthened it and it means I can wear it again to my heart's content. What a girl. Thanks Cuckoo, muchly appreciated!

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday evening.


kmmms said...

1) because blogger is being pants at the moment an there is some problem with it.
2) so you can edit the settings on them
3) for the visually impaired there is an option to hear the code. (I believe)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of the children and you and your sister,Gem .Love the necklace too.Have a happy bank holiday,xxx

xx home bird xx said...

Just been reading your last couple of posts that I've missed due to my trip. You and your sis are gorgeous; you look so alike! I have to say though your little Prince in the picture with you on the previous post totally steals your thunder! Gorgeous!

I'd like Cuckoo to come to my house and fix my things, make me laugh and share delicious food with me. I'm very jealous of you both, it's like you've got an extra sister there.

Nicki xx

Cuckoo said...

Don't be jealous Nicki, you're our special Bloddie! x

I think the wheel chair thingy change the code if you really can't work it out... I dunno.

Chuffed to see you in your tunic, glad I got it done swiftly xxx