Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bristol Fashion

I have a real urge for chocolate this evening but can't be bothered to venture round to the shop to get some. So I guess my urge isn't that strong! But I am thinking a lot about Double Deckers tonight...

Had a lovely day today, a colleague of the husband's came for lunch with his wife and young son. The husband made a gorgeous couscous salad with haloumi, chickpeas, raisins, rocket and a harissa dressing. For someone who doesn't do much in the kitchen, we were impressed - it was gorgeous! I then made some pizzas to go with the salad and we had a good old scoff with lots of wine.

Shame about the weather though. It's been funny all day, I am desperate for the sun. Hurry up already, it's summer!

So I have forgotten about the flip flops for the time being and am back to boots; I get cold feet! The below are my bargain from the British Heart Foundation in Windsor for £4.99.

They are originally from Gap Kids and are a navy blue. I really love them, although they are slightly battered and frayed around the edges. So comfy and worth every penny.  It's a great charity shop and where I found the pair of Earl jeans a few months back. Ooh get me, the height of fashion!

Speaking of fashion, this morning my children got a postcard from Kat Walker. She is Bristol’s retail therapist who represents fashion and shopping in the city, don't you know.

In real life, she happens to be my sister Anna, who has a great job promoting Bristol and this is just a perfect for her.
For anyone living in and around Bristol, Anna's alter ego Kat will share with you all the best sales, offers and fashion advice from Bristol’s retailers, including House of Fraser, Harvey Nichols, Debenhams, Primark, Gap and many more high street names.

For those of you in the south west, click on  to find out more. You can also befriend Kat Walker on facebook - and see all the deals in the city.

Here is my gorgeous sister as Kat Walker, soon to be seen on buses and billboards throughout Bristol. She is such a lovely girl, beautiful on the inside and out and I can't wait to see her next weekend as it's the Prince's second birthday so she and her hubby will come over to celebrate.

Kat Walker. Cat Walk. Geddit?

She is twinkly fairy godmother to the
Princess and Prince

This is Anna and I as kids. She was always cute.
Do you dig my turquoise outfit from Tammy Girl?!

This is her (on the right) with her best friend at the time Emma Pierson
 (Emma is now an actress, known for her role in Hotel Babylon)

And this was taken of us last year on my birthday.
Anna came up with mum and dad and we all scoffed a huge feast!
And lastly, I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award recently from Cuckoo at and I would like to pass this award on to the following three blogs which I really enjoy:

Come and get your award girls!

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Anonymous said...

Oh thankyou so much Gem,I'm so thrilled!Now what do I have to do?xxxx

Amber Renee said...

you're both beautiful!

Grateful4Crochet said...

Hi, I tried to link to your post in my post, but I think I failed spectacularly!!!!
So anyway, I quoted you here:

Pink Milk said...

Hellooo Gem. Love your boots! I'm back into mine too - damn weather - they're actually Next Girls' and they're the best I've ever owned!

Many congrats on both your awards (thank you for mine x); you deserve them both purely for discovering Oxfam online alone - OMG, who knew?!

Heather x

PS. Gorgeous piccies of you and your sister.